February 25, 2024
Is becoming your own master in this life without destroying someone else his life.

People who assisted us with good advice, who guided us on our inner path. We all know that a good friend, someone who has a listening ear, is a gift from heaven. Someone who helps you to go your way and who inspires you through his or her example to bring out the best in yourself?

Someone also to whom you can draw yourself, because he or she has reached a level of consciousness that is still shrouded in mystery in you … only to arrive at the inner master in each of us. He makes the essential visible in his temporary form, in his actions.

A true master knows that man — even himself — is a vessel full of contradictions, and he practices to always remain in his midst and to respect the paradoxes. He is therefore not necessarily logical or consistent and can make contradictory statements.

He recognizes in himself all levels of humanity, the spiritual as well as the emotional and instinctive. Only the recognition of both sides in yourself makes you a real person. There, surrender is the only option. There the ego is crossed and a man can cease his fruitless efforts to justify himself.

Is becoming you who want’s to create whatever you want.

A good teacher constantly refers you to yourself, to your inner master. He has a holy faith in that. He’s not out to make followers, let alone copies. He sees the unawakened master in you. He is prepared to serve as a projection screen. The master serves as a projection screen for all kinds of unfulfilled desires of the student. He or she can see in him or her the dreamed father or mother, the ideal partner, the embodiment of the pure divine light, and so on. As such, he will often be put on a pedestal. He’s not happy about that, but knows it’s inevitable. And he realizes that sooner or later he will also have to be removed from that pedestal by the student.

The teacher is willing to undergo those projections. But he is able to disconnect those projections from his ego. He knows that all these projections are intermediate stages on the way to the student’s own mastery. You address such a person because something has been realized in that other person that you unconsciously know is present in yourself, and which you want to awaken in you.

A master is a revolutionary.

He is after an inner revolution. The master is the keeper of Life, which means that he must also be the keeper and caretaker of eternal movement and change. That is why a master does not fit into the image of how ‘it should be’ and he regularly clashes with traditional values. The master is not there to maintain the old, but to bring about a revolution, a turnaround in thinking and doing.

He is incalculable and full of contradictions, for he embodies Life, is life and death, Yin and Yang.

Left Hemisphere of the brain — Controls the right side of the body and is related to the male yang principle: intellectual, assertive, decisive, practical, purposeful and logical.

Right hemisphere of the brain — Controls the left side of the body and is related to the feminine Yin aspect: creativity, intuition, confidence, letting go.

Is being aware of the devil in the middle to avoid destructive thoughts….

Left is male = Yang thoughts — Right is female = Yin thoughts and has to be in the middle for balance.

He throws around what seemed to be stuck, loosens what has become bound, pulls away the ground on which you stand. Because going is important, not: standing firm. Staying en route and not: arriving. Constant change and not: thinking that you have already finished learning. Is the result for the student only unrest? No, it is precisely through the continuous movement led by an unpredictable master that the pupil learns to orientate himself on the essence and to find peace in it.

A master is unpredictable because he is free. He is free from patterns, from dogmas and doctrine. Nor does he allow himself to be determined by what is expected of him or by whether his behavior or his words elicit applause or vilification. This freedom is also often accompanied by humor, with the ability to put oneself, the other and the prevailing order into perspective.

A good master walks behind you instead of in front of you. He makes you feel: you can go (in every sense of the word). life master. The master is not a moral knight, does not squeeze you into a straightjacket. When he gives rules, it’s not to flatter his power, but to tame your ego.

Rule is intended as a school of love. A master who binds you with promises, threats or any material or psychological manipulation, is acting in violation of this basic law on the spiritual path: your soul can learn only in freedom.

Ultimately, his entire teaching is aimed at awakening the master in the student and coming out, the inner master. He realizes his own impermanence and wants to bring you in contact with the eternal Source within yourself. We like to make ourselves small and think we are proud if we dare to believe in our own mastery.

But recognizing the master in yourself has nothing to do with pride. This kind of false modesty is really only a fear of greater responsibility. And the only lasting master is found only in yourself. There will come a day when, perhaps in deep despair, you look for that one person who always knows how to put you on your own feet with love and wisdom, and you can’t find that person. If you need the master more than ever, and can’t find him or her anywhere, you’ll fall into a deep pit. There is no more support outside of you. At that moment you don’t know yet that the crisis you will find yourself in may represent the greatest growth opportunity you ever had!

Do not cling to the transient human being that I am, but connect with the eternal source that is within me and within you. Thus the disciple of the outer master becomes a disciple of the inner master.

If you continue to seek salvation outside of you, you will be lost.

If I keep hoping and desiring that something or someone outside of me will make me happy or enlightened, I risk becoming disappointed and bitter. And then I go with the same passion with which I first ran after people or things, tearing those people or things down and throwing them away. They realize that the only victim is the one who falls prey to his own refusal and bitterness and does not find the way to the inner master.

Release old emotions from childhood for growing up and not control others = real freedom.

So….. We are not your children. We are the sons and daughters of life’s desire for itself. They don’t come from you, but they don’t belong to you either. And though they be with you, yet they do not belong to you. You may give them your love, but not your thoughts. Because they have their own thoughts. You may shelter their bodies, but not their souls. For their soul dwelleth in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit; not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but not try to make them like you.

For life always flows onward, and lingers not with yesterday.

Kahlil Gibran, De Profeet

Karma means material action, that which is instigated by egoistic desire.

The Secret of Life

It sets into motion the law of cause and effect. The action produces a result that binds itself to the doer until the cause is compensated by the appropriate effect, whether forthcoming immediately or carried over from one life to another.

Persons who pass their lifetime satisfying the body and gratifying the ego, unaware of the Divine Image in themselves, amass earthly karma or sins. When they die with those unresolved karmic consequences and with unfulfilled earthly desires, they must reincarnate again and again to resolve all mortal entanglements.

Ascension in nature = karma comes back after a while and was the end of 2019 = higher consciousness.
Remembering your past lives in the now = higher awareness and starts by childhood.

The root of pain is egoistic actions, which (being based on delusions) lead to misery.

Otherwise, birth after birth, man experiences the misery of unfulfilled desires.

Liberation is stabilization of Purusha (jiva, soul) in its real Self.

All the divine emotions — love, compassion, courage, self-sacrifice, humility — would be meaningless without joy.

Joy means exhilaration, an expression of the ultimate Bliss.

The Secret of Life (1)

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