February 25, 2024
Yin = — and Yang = + has to be in balance for inner peace to reach higher self.

Yugas The Cycles of Time Explained (Explains the Human Cycle of Swami Sri Yukteshwar)Man as a creation, is evolving. But it’s not only man that is evolving, but the planet earth is also evolving and also the entire universe is evolving. Old energy till 2019 was: we say goodbye to blaming others, appropriation without any right, law and regulations, imposing perpetrator/victim role on one’s own will and keeping control are/were the ingredients of the previous cycle that is slowly changing and we end up in the new Aquarius energy is: back to origin, authenticity, respect for the individual and mother earth such as: Transformation, Unity, Holism, Love, Acceptance, Charity, Compassion, Freedom, Free will experience and brings the whole world in one half in the old energy and the other half in the new energy.

“We no longer believe blindly in the government, our parents or celebrities, but more in ourselves.” Consistent power spikes in the Schumann resonances force brainwaves to stay elevated in power which has the effect of raising human consciousness. The Earth is Forcing you to Evolve..

The human cycles of live as we all evolving for the next 2000 years.

These two emerged out of chaos. They embody the feminine and the masculine, white and black, positive and negative. The world is kept going by the constant interaction between the two. From this arises the life energy, the Qi. Today’s Chinese medicine revolves around this Qi.

Many Taoist texts also mention that Qi. Usually this concept means BREATH like the Latin anima, but it can also mean primordial energy. This is the energy that flows through the universe and the body and one must learn to control it.

Acupuncture tries to restore the disturbed balance between yin and yang in the body. Given that these pathways run throughout the body, back pain could, for example, be repaired by pricking the foot. The human body is therefore also an energy system, which consists of different Qi currents (life energy). The Qi flows in the body are similar to those across the landscape and are equally subject to changes (such as weather changes).

They are opposing, complementary and non-dueling forces that possess each other’s essence and flow harmoniously into each other. The best example of this is a relationship between a man and a woman. The man always has a feminine side and the woman a masculine side.

The Three then finally represent the triangle Heaven — Earth — Center. Heaven stands for the spirit, earth for the material, the body and center for the union between the two.

One of the most important works in Taoism is the Tao-Te-Ching. Ching stands for song, we already know Tao and Te is usually translated as ‘high virtue’.

Te is very important in folk Taoism, it is the made public Tao. When we parse the chinese sign for Te, we see three parts in it, being heart, foot and true. So it can be translated as the true way of the heart.

It all sounds very moralistic, but is generally taken for granted.

In Taoist thinking, the interconnectedness between mind, body and environment is very great. Many medical techniques (such as acupuncture) and psychophysical disciplines developed from this in the Chinese tradition. Like the exercises popular in the West for physical harmony and control

From Taijiquan.

Nature is the basis in which everything is connected with each other and thus places man in connection with everything. The Chinese look at nature to discover relationships (the unity) not to analyze that which is more the Western way. From these views stem the traditional methods of curing diseases or ailments, such as the use of medicinal herbs.

Time is not a linear measure but something that manifests itself in everything. The Chinese calendar is very much attuned to the movements of the celestial bodies: the sun, the moon, the stars,… . The similarities in time and space of all aspects of the Chinese era has a much stronger coherence and reality than the western reckoning.

‘Knowing’ and ‘not-knowing’

We cherish a healthy desire for more and more knowledge. As Daodejing shows, it is a grave mistake to pursue only intellectual knowledge. However important for daily functioning this knowledge is — without our nourishing intuition we dry out. We lose ourselves, our vitality.

When you live intuitively, you “know without knowing,” according to Daodejing. You live in deep connection, you are no longer limited to yourself, your ego. You live attuned to your inner Guidance and therefore you have the steering wheel in your own hands.

The philosophy of Taoism teaches us how to live according to the Tao Tao is related to the Te, the power to realize Tao in everything. The biggest

virtue is the wu-wei. Those who strive for knowledge learn daily, those who strive for Tao unlearn daily.

Karma means material action, that which is instigated by egoistic desire.

The Secret of Life

It sets into motion the law of cause and effect.

It sets into motion the law of cause and effect. The action produces a result that binds itself to the doer until the cause is compensated by the appropriate effect, whether forthcoming immediately or carried over from one life to another. Persons who pass their lifetime satisfying the body and gratifying the ego, unaware of the Divine Image in themselves, amass earthly karma or sins. When they die with those unresolved karmic consequences and with unfulfilled earthly desires, they must reincarnate again and again to resolve all mortal entanglements.

Karma quotes by Yogananda

Karma means material action, that which is instigated by egoistic desire. It sets into motion the law of cause and…yogananda.com.au

5 Facts About Soul Mates You Didn’t Know by Hans Wilhelm

Decoding Your Karma: Can Our Past Life Affect Current Experiences, and HOW?

Can Our Past Life Affect Current Experiences, and HOW?

What is love?

When we think of love, we usually think of it as a relational love, or a love that we receive or express in a relationship, for example parental love, platonic love, or passionate emotional love. But, experience of love has a spectrum and can manifest in much deeper dimensions, including Self-Love and Universal Love.

Manifest in much deeper dimensions, including Self-Love and Universal Love

The deepest form of love is universal love, when you come to realization your spiritual nature, and the oneness of all that exists in this world, and beyond. When you embody universal love, you experience and express love in everything you do.

Left brain = man thoughts = Yang = + Right brain = women thoughts = Yin = — middle is the little devil = ignore.

When we have inner peace there are no battles going on between warring thoughts in our mind. But when those inner battles become very strong, the ego will do its utmost to project that disagreement onto people and situations. Then we do our utmost to look for the fault with someone else and feel justified in our anger. When we find ourselves in such situations, it is easy to believe the ego and deny that the source of what we experience is in our own mind.


  • Karmic/Toxic partner = Not wanting to develop
  • Fantasy partner= Flights of development
  • Karmic soul mate= Unilateral development
  • Soulmate = Developing together (earthly)

The goal of this presentation is to help you understand these dimensions, so you can notice and direct your attention to the one you resonate with the most.

To help you understand these dimensions

Health is processing old emotions for everyone to be able to express and process yourself on a deeper level. Why? Because We Are All Related So basically wars are just huge family arguments if you dig deeper…..

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Breathing and emotions

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The Secrets of Inner Alchemy — ROBERT SEPEHR Internal or inner alchemy is an array of esoteric doctrines and physical, mental, and spiritual practices that mystery school initiates use to increase vitality, boost health, enhance creativity, prolong life and create an immortal spiritual body that would allegedly survive after death. The sings must not take literally but symbolic. It’s the eternal flame within you who creates when the third eye is reached = The Who who created in light instead of the darkness = eternal flame.

The Secrets of Inner Alchemy

The TREE OF LIFE | Symbolism Explained (Dr Robert Gilbert)

FORGIVENESS explained by Hans Wilhelm


Is everything repetition of history is the cyclical force of the energies?

The Tzolkin reflects the energetic quality of yesterday, today, tomorrow or next week. The special thing about this is that the energy you experience today will manifest itself again in 260 days.

In essence, this means that what happens to you today under the influence of the energies will happen again in 260 days under the influence of the same energies, as long as you have not yet been able to accept the essence of it, to a greater or lesser extent. You get a new opportunity every time.

This process has been going on since you were born. So everything that you have experienced before in your life affects you every day. Realize that due to the spiraling effect of time, the energies will be the same again in 260 days, but they will come at you at a higher intensity. Looking at energies from 1000 years ago and 100 years ahead. This possibility for example to energetically; profile of past events, or planned activities in the future, everything is cyclical and comes back for improvement and you get another chance to do it differently….

Living in harmony with nature is the key by which most of the life charm is revealed. That is why it is important to understand this simple principle that the natural order of things is a collection of repetitive rhythmic processes that affect our health, physical strength and spiritual balance. The mechanisms functioning in nature affects the human being, which is a part of the world.

To better understand the reality around us and adapt the rhythm of working and your own life, you must possess adequate knowledge of these phenomena, which have the biggest influence on them.

Knowing in 2022 is become your higher self.

Lunar calendar 2022 – live in the rhythm of nature in Canada

Living in harmony with nature is the key by which most of the life charm is revealed. That is why it is important to…ca.rhythmofnature.net

Music are the storys that happens in the past.

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