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You don’t see it but you feel it = frequenties.. = your feelings.


This is when you see it while it rains and this double energy when there are two

State of the Art Cosmological Intelligence that no one can beat.

YOUR DNA current life and RDNA past life. The real souls stories.

It’s definitely. Intelligence is checksum between beginning — middle — end = conclusion = answer = learning from the past in the present. If you speak out your deeper inner voice from the past = releasing old memories. If you don’t speak out it will stuck in your body as stress.

When we have inner peace there are no battles going on between warring thoughts in our mind. But when those inner battles become very strong, the ego will do its utmost to project that disagreement onto people and situations. Then we do our utmost to look for the fault with someone else and feel justified in our anger. When we find ourselves in such situations, it is easy to believe the ego and deny that the source of what we experience is in our own mind.

Don’t ignore the needs of others.

Mental & Sensory Awareness

The fact that the brain processes sensory stimuli and thereby creates a perception is a fact. Consciousness is not a concrete function of the brain, it is the sum of collaborations in various brain areas that ensure that this experience arises. The brain is primarily an instrument for recording and processing information.

Thoughts from one to another without speaking.

Soul Consciousness & Heart Consciousness

We now know that consciousness transcends the body and the brain. The soul is the perceiver and is itself a wide-reaching source of consciousness. One of the key metrics for this is numerous NDEs (near-death experiences) that are well known.

Pim van Lommel, former cardiologist, has done clinical studies on this and wrote a book about it. He explains that during operations where patients were ‘near death’, after being declared clinically dead, the patient still had consciousness while brain functions were turned off. The patient was sometimes able to clearly relate what had happened during the operation.

All these perceptions therefore take place outside the physical body, which makes the existence of a soul plausible. The fact that the soul controls the body makes it plausible that consciousness resides there. The soul consists of consciousness, in fact an infinite consciousness. This makes soul consciousness as a concept much more comprehensive; it is now not only about soul experiences in the daily life of the individual, but also other broader experiences possibly from past lives. Both constitute consciousness.

In doing so, the unconscious actually ‘steers’. In Jip and Janneke language: you are always ready for that part of your trauma that wants to be seen or heard and you are never too old for it.

There is also talk of a collective unconscious, in which a generation (such as soldiers from the 1st or 2nd World War) carries the influence of time (war) in the unconscious.

Sigmund Freud, an important neurologist of the 19th century, believed that there is a second layer of consciousness next to the ‘unconscious’, the subconscious. Within this consciousness fall all perceptions that are not consciously perceived but are registered.

The layers of consciousness if you get deeper.

How can you experience & develop this layer?

You can opt for internal development (yourself) and external (outside help). Through therapeutic work, such as inner child work, working with beliefs and conditioning or fears, you can come back to yourself. Through self-work, meditation and yoga, so everything you can do yourself, you can get started with this layer yourself. You can further stimulate your growth through training, self-development or reading books. By including enough moments of rest (and silence), you can integrate all of the above.

The human memory.

The Higher Conscious or Greater Conscious (Higher Self)

This is the (higher) soul consciousness. The awareness that the Egostate is over and using its 6th sense (intuition). The part of the soul that goes beyond the physical body and its emotions, connected to the eternal field (cosmos, the source and earth field).

It can also be experiences from past lives, which are stored there. It is the omniscient or higher part of the soul, where all the answers lie.

How can you experience & develop this layer?

As soon as you have actually followed all the above methods, access to the Higher Self often arises automatically. There are also exercises within intuitive development to connect with it.

Dealing with awareness in daily life?

Doing a lot of self work, trauma work & consciousness development, resulting in growth, soul growth.

Knowing how to slow down the pace is the solution. By slowing down your pace, there is more room for rest, meditation, reflection and intuitiveness, so the pursuit of consciousness development for more intuition increases self-confidence.

I have made choices: What do I want to spend my time on and with whom, what makes me happy?

Where does my attention go? These choices bring you much closer to yourself.

Follow your passion is hot.

Follow your heart and your passions. This acts as a catalyst.

Check yourself daily, several times a day. How am I?

How is your energy? Can you slow down your pace if you have a less fit day?

Practice mindfulness, attention. You become more attentive to the smallest details, and you become more calm and patient. This awareness leads to more conscious choices.

So allow yourself a delay and tune your attention inwards, your awareness will increase, your intuitive sensitivity will also increase and you are already working on consciousness development.

The contact with your soul.

Inner power

By becoming stronger from within. By letting go of what weakens us. By facing and processing old fears, other emotions and pain from early childhood and transforming the resulting limiting patterns in thinking and doing into new ones that are helpful in daily life.

And by identifying and changing the underlying beliefs about ourselves and others. Beliefs that arise from conclusions we made as small children, with the limited consciousness we had then, which often read “I am not good enough” and “I have to adapt to what others expect of me” and that make us and are regularly influenced negatively in the present.

Overcoming our fears in particular is an important but difficult process. Because we are afraid of fear and prefer to run away from it. My experience is that it works very well to, as it were, sit in the fear and let it come over you.

It may be that other emotions become palpable, it helps to let these come and to feel them very consciously. Then we notice that the emotions and the fear dissolve. Every time fear arises, we can apply this technique. Gradually, by persevering, we will be released from fear and become stronger.

The essence of high sensitivity

I don’t see high sensitivity as a character trait that we just have to learn to deal with, but as something that is connected to our whole being. It has to do with being us. To gain insight into this, it is important to stand still, turn inward and look for the silence and peace within ourselves. There, in the stillness of our heart, we can sense something of our essence.

If we do this regularly, we not only come into contact with the essence, with the love, strength and trust in ourselves, with what we apparently are deep inside. We therefore encounter a lot of unrest. Emotions, tendencies to do, voices that come in turn from a critical and admonishing parent and then again from the aggrieved and emotional child.

Then the silence and peace in ourselves seems to be far away and we would prefer to get a ready-made approach from someone so that we are freed from this chaos and we can finally handle life. But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

We have to get through the turmoil and noise. We have to develop ourselves layer by layer.

By unwinding all the unrest and negativity, the essence remains in the end.

Those who want to destroy your third eye and make you blind with their thoughts.

Dealing with victim behavior

In our self-examination we come across that we don’t like ourselves or that we want to be someone. Interesting, fun, good, and no less or ‘different’. We also want to mean something. I experience that we can mean more and more to others, as we let go of this I-centeredness. And we just be ourselves from within, instead of seeing and judging ourselves from a distance or through the eyes of others. Only when we realize that we are already someone and that we are no less than anyone else can we stop making ourselves smaller. When we can accept ourselves as we are, we find peace within ourselves and we are freed from the turmoil and from the idea that we have to be different and do something different. Then we don’t have to get frustrated and react that way. Then we have healed our hurt inner child and overcome the basic insecurity.

Non-dualism, often denoted with the Sanskrit terms advaita or advaya, is a metaphysical concept that literally means “not-two.” It is at once an ontological claim about the nature of reality and a description of the mystical experience.

Non-duality is not about physical reality ….it’s about perception beyond body mind and spirit … it’s awakening…

being part of the whole, is for me an EXPERIENCE rather than a concept. Indeed, holding it as a concept would seperate us from its reality. It is a level of consciousness beyond the world of duality in which most people function.

We also have to deal with the admonishing parent within us, for it is our greatest enemy. The parent who tells us what not to do and what to do, the angry parent we are afraid of or the parent who tells us what we are not doing right and who made us feel so rejected.

This parent still lives within us and can become activated in certain situations. We react to this as the good child wants to comply and hinder ourselves in our expressions or we attack our loved ones. When we have finally silenced this parent in us, we will no longer care about our surroundings and we are free to respond from our adult part. Then we have conquered the subversive inner adult.

When we’ve seen through all the annoying parent and child voices, their beliefs, emotions, and behaviors, and when we’ve left these negative and limiting parts of them behind (and kept the positive and constructive ones), we can be ourselves and adopt new behaviors. Then we can definitively step out of our victimhood and take our lives into our own hands.

Inner qualities…

Express yourself and show your qualities

Highly sensitive people are open, you can see their purity and their sensitivity, that’s so beautiful about them! So we should not close ourselves off. As soon as we feel that tendency coming on, we have to ask ourselves why we have our senses, our feelers, focused on the environment and not inward. Then we discover that we have concluded at a young age that we should do what others expect of us.

That’s how we were all raised, socialized. And we keep hoping for approval and confirmation from others.

That is why we are so focused on those others.

If we throw this old conditioning overboard, we can finally be free. To be ourselves, with all our qualities. With our attention and care, with our empathy, our spontaneity and creativity. We should not shut down and curb our impulses; instead, we need to be open and let life flow through us. We have to express ourselves. Say what we think, feel and want. Expressing what lives in us. Giving direction to our intuitive hunches and everything that bubbles up in us with ingenuity, humanity and innovative ideas about a more just way of living and working together.

In this way we can experience and show how life can be; full of fulfillment.

Tips to be yourself by evolving:

– Find a sounding board, a therapist or coach, a friend or your partner, at least someone you trust. Naming things is healing and liberating.

– Examine your inner parent: the voices in you that say what you can’t, can’t and what you should. Let go of the negative aspects of it, keep the positive.

– Examine your inner child: the child who felt rejected, criticized and unloved. Let go of the pain to make room for the happy, creative and playful child.

– See through your victim attitude and I-orientation. Don’t apply everything to yourself, discover that behavior, words and emotions of others belong to them.

– Be well grounded, stand with both feet on the ground. Be present, in the now, in your power.

– Learn to listen to and trust your intuition, feeling and inner knowing and act on spontaneous hunches and impulses.

  • Be open, connect, connect. Express yourself, be creative and expressive.

Surrender to the flow of life and trust that everything is as it should be and live in synchronisity.

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