February 25, 2024
Love in the deepest form.

Where does true love begin and opening up to others?

He had never seen a piano before, but just did it by feel.

The way of feeling unobstructed free.

Critics nowadays hurt David Helfgott by writing that although he has a great talent, the full houses are mainly due to the fact that Helfgott has become a circus number.

When he plays, he talks continuously, apparently talking about the rivers and mountains that he crossed while playing the piano in Beethoven and Bach. He regained his shaky stability thanks to his selfless commitment of a woman who cared about his fate.

He smiles all the time, now understands why his father likes him ruthlessly banned: during the war he had lost his entire family thanks to the Nazis.

And he too never wanted to lose anyone…

Thus the same fear of father and son had become the determining factor in their lives.

Papa-Helfgott was very unhappy because of it.

David overcame his madness with the greatest possible difficulty, for he had one luck, of which his old father was deprived: He was given the medicine of unconditional love. From asylum to concert hall

He meets Gillian Beryl. Astrologer by trade, fifteen years older than David.

She can’t wait to see what happens to this extremely talented musician and from their first meeting she takes care of the completely lonely pianist and it happens.

No doctor or psychiatrist could have done this.

It is conveying a deep inner feeling that you too can be there without restrictions or appropriation and fully loving.

So it is clear when you read the story above that you are caught by fear from the past that closes all gates and shuts down a person as a whole in all his possibilities.

Freedom is therefore a different feeling and opens hearts and gives unprecedented possibilities that penetrates deep within and leads to these achievements that come out of nowhere.

Therefore, there is nothing that makes him more anxious than a cold, uncommunicative family, or a restless environment, where things are chaotic, and where all kinds of noisy, emotional scenes take place.

If he can be clear and honest about his periodically recurring need for independence, then he will eventually find that the people who really care about him won’t suddenly drop him, just because he’s trying to be himself.

David was lucky enough to meet this woman who gave him that sense of freedom that made him blossom.

Many hearts therefore remain closed and will not open and let the true SELF come out like you above reads about his father’s traumas.

When one has lost his/her personal power, one who acts from love, to find and heal his/her lost strength with this help from his/her helper or caregiver.

Soul To Soul By means of this love a blockage can be removed and we will be open again to everything that may grow.

Be open minded and let go of your fear.

Just like in nature.

Work with nature for a bliss.

The luck he had that his own father was deprived of.

He was given the medicine of unconditional love that opened all his gates and brought out all his talents.

Pure love

Lofe and selfcare is all you need.

Putting enough energy into physical, mental and emotional parts of your life creates balance and regularity. That could be watching your diet and getting enough exercise, but also improving yourself through education and spending enough time with your friends and family. When one of these parts gets too little energy, friction and an irregular life arises!

Now I will share with you the 7 tips for more regularity:

1. Organize time better and more productively

I myself am very interested in the subject of productivity. We all get a certain number of days on this beautiful planet and all have the same amount of time per day. What makes the difference is how you effectively manage your time to have a happy life.

A concept I learned from Stephen Covey is that we can’t manage time, but you need to manage yourself better. That also means learning to say “no” and learning to delegate! Taking too much on the fork only creates friction and is counterproductive.

2. Plenty of time for yourself

Just working is anything but productive. It is important to make a good separation between work and private life. If you look at how our society functions, it is noticeable that we have 1 day a week to take off anyway, and that is Sunday.

Sunday is traditionally meant to recharge the battery. Anyway, I don’t want to touch the computer at least one day a week. However, we need more than just one day. Relaxing in the evening after a long day is certainly important to be fit and fruity the next day. Recognize that you need enough time to come to yourself!

3. Follow your hobby

The happiest people have at least one hobby they can devote themselves to. Have you always wanted to learn to paint, learn a new language? Or learn to play tennis? Whatever that may be, make time for your hobby, you’ll find yourself feeling better!

Make creatif things and sell them.

4. Social group

Provide times when you can spend time with other people. That could be a mentor, your friends, family or a support group. You will find that social activities work very well to create more balance in your life.

Feel free to express.

5. Listen to your body

If you are feeling tired or frustrated, these are all signs that there is an imbalance. Try to find the cause and work on your health. In the long term, this can cause chronic complaints such as burnout.

6. Healthy food

An irregular life is often accompanied by an unhealthy diet. To break through this, it is a good tip to pay more attention to your diet. Before you know you will feel better and have more balance in your life.

7. Sports for renewal

One of the best ways to combat depression or stress is to exercise. Go to the gym, join a sport or Pilates team. You will notice that you get more regularity by exercising. This is also a great time to get to know other people.

It is possible!

With today’s busy and hectic life, it’s easy to lose balance. You may well be overwhelmed with obligations and problems. So get started with these 7 tips and you will discover that small changes in your lifestyle can bring about big positive changes. Always ensure the right balance between your physical, mental and emotional activities, that is where the solution to a regular life resides and will certainly be worth it!

Do you have any tips for a more regular life? Let me know by leaving a comment below! Valuable article, share it below via social media, it is much appreciated!

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