December 8, 2023
Spinning in lifetimes on earth without knowing = sub-consciousness.

Yugas The Cycles of Time Explained (Explains the Human Cycle of Swami Sri Yukteshwar) Man as a creation, is evolving. But it’s not only man that is evolving, but the planet earth is also evolving and also the entire universe is evolving.

Explains the Human Cycle of Swami Sri Yukteshwar
Cycles explain is History Repeating in good doing yin = peace in bad doing is yang is ego

When we are born, we do not receive a manual from ourselves.

Dreams from the past is your entire life from originated birth….

The spirit after death does not disappear but is reborn in another living being.

You have 14 generations of memories within your DNA 😯

You have 14 generations of memories within your DNA.

The deva Mara, holds the wheel of reincarnation and tries to keep people in the samsara, Buddhist statue, 1177–1249.

Believing: the non-corporeal being of man returns after death at a given moment ‘in the flesh’, in another body and again repeats the same behavior in this life = NOW.

Samsara spinning in circles, the cycle of death and rebirth without beginning and apparently without end, under the influence of delusion and karma and full of suffering.

The presence of the psychological state of desire desire, attraction, aversion, irritation, fear, repulsion, ignorance ignorance/stupidity, unconsciousness, confusion of the unresolved previous findings and repetition in the NOW.

Shankara calls samsara “the universal process of becoming”, the endless becoming, in contrast to the endless Being.

Samsara is the world as ordinary beings experience it, the reality as ordinary beings experience it and where mental and emotional states of desire, irritation and confusion regularly arise and prevail over not completing the action.

Daily life

In many Buddhist denominations, samsara also means something else, namely daily life.

Within Buddhism, enlightenment is the highest attainable, which can only be achieved through meditation. The meditations, as taught by Gautama Buddha, the neutral OBSERVATION OF THE BREATHING is letting go of old thoughts = forgiveness = the sigh of relief = free from obstructive thoughts.

This should be done in meditation posture as well as in any posture in daily life. Both meditation techniques are important.

Samsara and Nirvana

In the same world where the unenlightened mind lives in samsara, the enlightened mind lives in nirvana. In nirvana, however, the person does not experience any desire, irritation and confusion = free from unresolved matters or patterns.

He sees himself as the observer or “The Consciousness” in which all experiences appear, rather than as the person experiencing everything.

From fear to love is from unconscious to consciousness. You learnt your lessons from past experiences.

Eckhart Tolle- Are Global Elites Evil or Stupid? 

Are Global Elites Evil or Stupid? 

Reincarnation (Latin: caro = “flesh”; re=again, reincarnation is the religious or philosophical view that the non-corporeal part of a living being (the soul or spirit) does not disappear after death but reappears in another living being is born and repeats previous events.

The windmills of your mind to let go in 2022.

Letting go is breathing out old emotions

Breathing and Emotions: The way to get more air

The reason I took this section out of my book Create Your Own World By Natural Healing is that the main reason for…

Moon is about your feelings

This is what your Moon Node says about past lives.

The strong character traits from our past lives and challenges in our current life

This is what your Moon Node says about past lives, your patterns and your personality.

When we are born, we do not receive a manual from ourselves.

But luckily there is astrology! The language of the atmosphere and comes from the Sanskrit word Atmos. That which hangs in the air in frequencies. The spoken language of every person, just like WiFi for the computer with a transmitter and a receiver. You and me.

Athmos is Ether the 5e element in the human body the language of the atmosphere.

Both the universe and the individual consist of five basic elements or the Pancha Mahabhutas: 1. Akash (ether), 2. Vayu (air), 3. Agni (fire), 4. Jala (water) and 5. Prithvi (earth). Our bodies are made up of a combination of these elements, just like the food we eat and everything we come into contact with. This also applies to our thoughts and their influence on our body “We are what we think”. These five elements are necessary for the creation of all living and nonliving matter in the universe. The element ether is characterized by sound. Therefore, the principle of sound can be equated with Ether. (although many deny this and don’t know).

Ether is the 5th element in the body which is usually not recognized but is definitely there and comes from the Sanskrit word Athmos and therefore means atmosphere in frequencies and therefore hangs in the air just like the planets and therefore affects us all day long. you cannot live on this earth just as plant and animal are also affected by them. All our body parts are related to the planets and influence our body.

Your horoscope says a lot about you.

The North Node, for example, shows which spiritual lessons you may learn in this lifetime. Which patterns can you let go of and which sides of yourself can you develop?

“The best thing we can do is combine the strong character traits from our past lives with the gifts and challenges in our current life.”

Our Moon Nodes provide a lot of information in our birth chart about achieving success, developing self-confidence and a balanced personality.

Our North Node tells what character traits we should develop in our lives.

“In studying our North Node, we look at the spiritual and psychological lessons we may learn in this lifetime.”

The most beautiful thing we can do is that we combine the strong character traits from our past lives with the gifts and challenges in our present life.

Astrology is based on the premise that the position of the South Node (which is opposite the North Node) describes an aspect of our character that has been much emphasized in past lives. In this life we ​​tend to hold on to this because it is familiar territory. The sign in which the North Node is located, indicates the energy we receive for a change in our personality.

Past lives

Maarten Oversier

All human trauma can be traced back to the same three sources: wars, the church, and the unprocessed experiences of our ancestors.

Maarten Oversier – The Right To Be

Until our thirtieth year we live more in the energy of the South Node, but after that we can become more aware of our new psychic consciousness. Difficult periods in our lives offer us the chance to choose a new direction in our behavior in order to lighten our karmic burden.

Do you feel “stuck” in a negative cycle of deep attraction to a certain person, while also feeling as if the relationship is toxic in many ways? What you may be experiencing is a karmic relationship, otherwise known as a karmic partner, karmic connection or karmic ties. Karmic relationships are addicting because we are attracted to a karmic based on shared mutual wounds + negative patterns in need of healing.

Karmic relationships are addicting because we are attracted to a karmic based on shared mutual wounds + negative patterns in need of healing.

In those moments, the astrological North Node provides insights to let go of old patterns of behavior and to develop another part of yourself in this incarnation.

That is not to say that these properties are negative. They only describe a part of the character that you probably overdeveloped in your past lives. Life after life you’ve made that part of yourself stronger over and over and that’s why it’s so hard in this life to change that pattern of behavior.

The most beautiful thing we can do is that we combine the strong character traits from our past lives with the gifts and challenges in our present life.

Behavioral and Family Patterns

If you are not at all open to the vision about past lives, you can also look at the South Moon Node in this way: The people in your environment have probably stimulated you to show certain patterns or imposed these patterns in order to keep you in line.

These patterns are ingrained in your behavior.

If you’ve ever done a family constellation in your life, you’ve probably also come to realize that we sometimes get stuck in certain behavioral patterns that can be found (or can be found) in the South Node or family patterns that you have been given from your childhood. early childhood.

A family constellation can help you understand why you do things the way you do them. For example, if a certain relationship in your life is not going well. Think of the relationship with your partner, that with a colleague or your boss or the relationships between you and your child(ren). The cause of such a disturbed relationship may lie in your system of origin or the South Node.

Experience has shown that the constellation in which the North Node is located indicates the psychological change that must develop in our personality. The house in which this Moon Node is located describes the experiences that make us aware of arriving at a new psychological consciousness.

Only from the age of thirty we can become more aware of our new, psychic consciousness, so that is why the table (shown in the link below) runs to 1994.

Below I give a very brief description of what the meaning is when your Moon Node is in a sign.

Taurus as an example describes the following:

This is an important year because on April 30th the Solar eclipse and on November 8th the Lunar clip is in your sign. So the energy of your Moon Node is felt extra. For many lifetimes you have been inclined to let your self-esteem depend on others.

A beautiful affirmation: “If I feel comfortable, I am following the right path”.

Because it negative reflects on human body’s and brain. The frequenties of the body.

How to Awaken the Chakras = Activate the Muladhara Root Chakra

Deep insights into the nature of each chakra.

This is so helpful. I’m at a point in life where I needed this, and your videos have been tremendously helpful. Thank you for doing this.

From imperfection to perfection you have to activate the second Chakra to reach the third eye for full consciousness the spiritual path that every soul eventually takes to reach perfection.

Ego is chaos and lust. Living in unconsciousness. Supreme Self is awakening the second chakra is fully awareness.
The path of your soul.

Scientific approach =  This is the sixth episode in this series which is a guide to understand the process of awakening the chakras and kundalini.

awakening the chakras and kundalini

Discover here in which constellation your North Node is located and you immediately know which lessons you can learn.

“When you focus your attention on following the path designated by the north node, you feel more fulfilled and more purposeful.” — Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer. True to its name, your north node is your true north or your North Star, says Lang. “It’s the point of destiny you continue to follow throughout your life.”

“When you focus your attention on following the path designated by the north node, you feel more fulfilled and more purposeful.”

Check your birth chart’s north node to learn your cosmic destiny and true calling

The idea of having one destiny seems at once awesome and claustrophobic to me. I’m stoked about the possibility that my…

I was a lawyer. Now I am myself.

Without any layers from the past.

An inspiring guide to becoming yourself too.

A reliable astrologer. Gives your life peace and security in your life.

Jan Spiller- Astrology of the Soul. There I discovered my information about myself who I am and who I have around me.

Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

For the first time ever a famous spiritual astrologer shares the secrets previously known only to professionals that…

Super egos concoct the most fragmentary nonsense and would do us a great service to examine themselves where their behavior comes from: Soul is eternal and repeats what it has already done before unless KARMA is granted.

Gates to our hearts were already opened at the end of 2019 and we are now in Aquarius period. Cosmos rules our existence. Old dogmas about our existence may be revised and is transcending higher consciousness and ego to be clean about who you really are. Soul desires are heart desires and still arise in the Aquarius period for what you did before in behavior.

Arrogance and lower consciousness (ego) looks away.

Astrology for the soul of Jan Spiller opens up the 2 centuries-tracked behaviors where the northern moon node has to be walked to the southern one to process karma and transcend ego = process KARMA to a higher consciousness.

Real leaders do not allow themselves to be imposed and filter what they are presented with and take responsibility for their choices. Enforced behavior should never be the starting point for a democracy.

For thousands of years it has not been possible to make such a big energy jump due to the density of the ‘matrix energy’. But now, this time is the time to set your soul free! For thousands of years you have been able to develop at most up to ‘old soul’, but a higher frequency was not possible.

That’s what this time is for! That’s why it’s so strange on Earth right now. Heavy energy likes to stay alive and it is those who hold onto the old and are afraid of loss. Compare it to bad habits you have that are so hard to break free. They keep pulling you. That’s what heavy energy does! It pulls you down. Your soul would like to connect with the light because that is the way back home; you want to merge again after all those incarnations with the source from which you originally came. The real you in full confidence on the way to a higher consciousness and we end up with the whole world in the new Aquarius energy: back to origin, authenticity, respect for the individual and mother earth such as: Transformation, Unity, Holism, Love, Acceptance, Charity, Compassion, Freedom, Free will experience.

The gate to our heart was opened when you know that the earth runs in cycles and old heart desires bring what soul desires (behaviours) are still up and are expressed on all fronts in our society.

Soul desires are still undermined by imposed behavior (child behavior) while freedom provides the creative spiral that makes us all grow in the world for all that lives. Without a creation spiral no evolution and we repeat what happened before is copy behavior.

Old emotions will be allowed to be expressed first. Exchanging karma was already the message in 2009 to cleanse the previous cycle of wrongly learned behaviors acquired in the previous cycle. Stubborn matter when you see how far some go, defending their existence tooth and nail for what they themselves have rigged in this longest film in favor of themselves without respect for others, which is now allowed to change.

You are GOD & The ego = The devil

You are GOD & The ego = The devil

No medicine anymore if you be aware of this = This is Magnificent… open your third eye for more power.

Revealing the hidden science behind the interpretation with the real meaning and outcome in the human body.

Letting Go Is The Key To Peace Realize This And Change Your Life.

Peace is let go old mind in the deeper layers.

Aquarius energy is: back to origin after this

Earthquakes and volcanos started februari 2022

Earthquakes, Flood and volcanos started februari 2022 is Aquarius with a lot of water.
Is changing yourself to higher awareness = unconditional LOVE.