February 25, 2024

Open yourself up to a whole new world.

We are in The photon belt will due til AD 4000 is now 2023 Is the cosmos currently playing out the devils until 2024-2025 and is watching over who is real and who is not and who has the best intentions is blown…..blaming others, appropriation without any right, law and regulations, imposing perpetrator/victim role on one’s own will and keeping control are/were the ingredients of the previous cycle that is slowly changing and we end up in the new Aquarius energy is: back to origin, authentic being, respect for the individuals and mother earth such as we are in a Huge Toxic Transformation of our own ego in Unity Collective consciousness using Holism as we embrace Real Love in Acceptance ourself in let go old patterns in self thoughts and thoughts to others using Charity as we transform to Compassion in Freedom, Free will experience and brings the whole world in one half in the old energy and the other half in the new energy. “We no longer believe blindly in the government, our parents or celebrities, but more in ourselves.” Consistent power spikes in the Schumann resonances force brainwaves to stay elevated in power which has the effect of raising human consciousness. 

So in this time we could invite a room full of little devils with pitchforks or a room full of angels. Who is the angel …and the other side a pitchfork…with a false ego……in other words is the more we put those agenda’s in the spotlight the better is is……they don’t one us and are not their properties….we where already free but they don’t let us FREE those pitchforks….with evil dreams….

The Higher Frequency Forecast for 2024 opens our voice and higher awareness.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we unite and work together.  It’s highly joyful and supportive to meet and cooperate with like-minded and like-hearted people. Our relationship to love drives all things. On top of our personal relationship to love and the way it influences our closest connections, real love is such a powerful force, a force more than powerful enough, to end the greatest pains, suffering, atrocities, and dilemmas humanity currently faces. 

Your Nature is Love until we truly understand the source of love.

Your nature, your divine nature, is love and mastery.  You are love as we embracing inner peace and uplifting our first two chakras from fear and anger to cleansing your own ignorance and emerging to love is awakening to mastery is uplifting yourself is self healing is as you speak to yourself.

What does Age of Aquarius mean? 

“What lies ahead for Humanity? 

With all the problems we have, it’s hard to believe our future is bright. Inflation and recession, environmental deterioration, diminishing resources, unrest and oppression in developing countries, and apathy, loneliness and lack of direction in developed ones all combine to severely cloud the horizon…

The Milky Way Galaxy is our source, our creator. 

The SUN ILLUMINATES the DNA in all sentient beings. 

As we move deeper and deeper into this Photon belt, it would seem that we are moving into the Age of Light.

This powerful source, which must vibrate very fast, is accessible to us only by FEELINGS, and many people SEEM TO SENSE THIS……They are actively clearing negative feelings and emotional body blocks as quickly and thoroughly as they can at this time.


Heart Chakra Activation happening now Signs & Symptoms.

It’s a DNA activation for more self love.

2024 presents us all with the need to bring about fundamental changes as we are in COURAGE where purity dwells. The Ascension Shift. The next level has begun. HUMANITY’S at a CROSSROADS.

How We Create a New World.

Inner balance

The persistent high intensity of the cosmic energies invites you to come up with all kinds of creative solutions.

The energetic umbrella for this year is formed by the wave of ‘Letting Go’ with ‘Courage’ as the central energy and draws our attention to the importance of remaining anchored in our midst. We call this the ‘Inner balance’ as we become more intelligent.

From insight you achieve inner balance. 

You do this through self-reflection and examining what is really true for you. You need the feeling of real and authentic, communication from your heart is the key. You want others to take off their masks and avoid evasive behavior. This is to enable contact on soul level. You are willing to go very far in pursuit of high standards.

Now more than ever, it’s important to become aware of our emotions, acknowledge how we feel, rise up and get involved in our community to make the most of this energetically charged moment!

Is Kundalini awakening permanent?

Kundalini awakening refers to the awakening of an individual’s dormant spiritual energy, often represented as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. It rise through the body, activating various energy centers, the 5 senses and leading to heightened states of consciousness to “Enlightenment”.

Once kundalini is awaken, it remains active for the rest of your life. The intensity and the duration of its effect may vary.

How to Measure Your Spiritual Growth

A question that I am asked frequently is how do you measure your spiritual growth? In this video I explain how you can recognize the subtle signs of your spiritual growth.  When you do the challenging shadow work and elevate your consciousness, it is inevitable that you will transform your life. 

Are you experiencing your shadows and doing the work, or are your distracting yourself from the growth opportunities? 

Take a look at your progress!

You’re Stuck In Energy Templates And Don’t Know It.

Attract Breakthroughs That Could Change Everything For You.

Discover what energy templates are, the types that can destroy your life, and how to remove these templates from your body.

What energy templates really are.

How to spot them in your life.

The 4 types of energy templates

How to let go of templates that are negatively impacting you.

No, You Are Not Going Crazy…..It’s Part of 

Ascension in this collective shift or a BIG DETOX to mindfulness in 5D reality without ego is working yourself to self love. Think of how you feel after doing a big detox: At first you feel a bit…low. It’s all those toxins surfacing! This is exactly what all of us are going through a massive collective detox. 

The ego is not the real self. It has more then 1000 strategies.

Where does the ego come from? How does it manipulate and how can we overcome it to reach inner peace? Ego/Inner Peace/

2024 Predictions on Activation at All LEVELS.

We’ll be discussing some of the most exciting 2024 predictions. 

This year is going to be a mind-blowing shift on the horizon, and we’re excited to see what comes next! I’m sharing spiritual predictions for the year 2024. This is a mind-blowing shift on the horizon! As the years progress, we’re starting to see some amazing spiritual predictions come true. 

Our inner authority had to develop through various challenges. 

Pluto clears the crap that have built up in our lives, and helps us to facilitate necessary changes for our own good..with or without our consent.

Think like a 4D all the time ONLY you can CHANGE ANYTHING.

Discover the following:

– The Fundamentals of 4D Thinking: Understand the core principles of thinking beyond the conventional three dimensions.

– Practical Applications: Learn how 4D thinking can be applied in everyday scenarios for enhanced problem-solving and creativity.

– Expert Insights: Hear from esteemed thinkers and philosophers on the transformative power of 4D perspectives.

Mind-Expanding Concepts: Challenge your current beliefs and open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. Remember, thinking in four dimensions is not just a theory, it’s a way to completely transform your experience of the world. Embark on this journey into the unknown and watch as your reality evolves before your very eyes!

Enjoy this 2024 Energy Update! 💞

Here are the four main topics for this episode:

1. Sovereignty as a key to our ascension and growth, as well as accessing and developing our own ability to channel.

2. Unity Consciousness as the ultimate goal we move towards once we have anchored in the frequency of sovereignty.

3. Your Inner Child is the key to the ascension journey.

4. It’s time to increase our coordinated efforts to do planetary gridwork!

The year of The Dragon.

What is this Energy Supporting us with?

It’s like a customized energy, awakening consciousness, that interacts with everyone differently. It reveals things that you have hidden within you.

It can increase your self-confidence, self-love, and empathy help balance your feminine/masculine essence, expand your intuition, clear karma, illusions, limiting beliefs, heal trauma, help us get out of our way, and raise our vibration. How good is that!

And it’s a lot and intense! You might be feeling this energetically in all sorts of different ways as ascension symptoms. For example: headaches, uncontrollable eating, insomnia, needing to sleep way more, being a hermit, getting sick, to name a few.

You might also be noticing a deeper awakening in your spiritual path.

The energy of the full moon?

The full moon in Leo on January 25, 2024 brings powerful energy. During this period you may have the desire for spiritual growth and the urge to follow your own unique path, regardless of the expectations of others. “You will experience that everything will gain momentum when you follow your intuition.”

Aquarius season teaches us that we are energy and have an energetic field with a corresponding frequency. Leo reminds us that the heart is the center of our energetic field and emits an electromagnetic frequency greater than any other part of us. Astrological energies, like emotions, have a lower and a higher vibration.

The ego is the part of us that yearns to be defined by something. It is how we identify ourselves, including the conditioned patterns we have formed about who we are in this life. It is also our inner critic, our self-defeating thoughts, and the part of us that feels separated from others. The ego can get in the way of us finding and expressing our true selves. It attaches to ideas of how we “should” behave in the world and how others “should” receive us.

The ego’s fuel is fear, and it can often lead us down dark paths of needing constant validation and approval of what we express to the world. The ego’s role should be to motivate us, remind us of our purpose when needed, and help us function in society. But it should not lead our lives. On this full Moon in Leo, we have the opportunity to recognize when the ego has taken the reins and, in its effort to define our existence, closed the full expression of the heart. The counterpart to the ego is the higher self.

This highest self is the part of us that is connected to everyone and everything around us. When moving from the higher self, there is no need to compare or compete with others. Without separation, we do not feel insecurity, lack, or unworthiness. From this place, we feel fulfilled in our lives and are confident in everything we do. To remain centered within the higher self, we need to be deeply aware of when the ego takes over, then redirect our energy toward compassion, love, and connection.

a time when the old socio-economic system in which we (survive) is dying. A system that favors power over truth. To the intellect instead of the heart. Separation instead of connection. Draconian and degrading. It is no coincidence that many lightworkers and old souls were born in this dark system who have such a strong connection with the source that they remember during their lives that they come from a state of unity. And that’s exactly what they came for. To ‘update’ the system from within. To become the new matrix.

Call it a calling.

Their spiritual awakening, in line with the energy of the old system, mainly takes place on a mental level. First of all in the way of thinking. Exactly where it is needed. But now that energy and consciousness are increasing on Earth, it is almost exclusively about the heart. Because the heart connects everything. And that is not only exciting, but exciting. Just at the right time. Because in order to experience the growth of the consciousness of the earth from the 3rd to the 5th dimension within yourself as a pioneer and conscious creator, you must not do but BE. And that takes some getting used to. Because what stands in the way? Old mental expectations and judgments. And so being born again is first and foremost about compassion. That helps you to accept apparent contradictions. Within yourself and that which you experience as outside yourself. Is overcoming the two first chakra’s is ignorance with fear and anger is overwriting your own script as the way you speak to yourself.

Then you are exiting for this is self empowerment is activating al your chakras inside of you.

Aquarius Vibes

When we embody Aquarius’s lower vibrations, we become overly judgmental and critical of others, especially those in authority positions. Instead of helping change what we do not like in the world, we complain and detach from the world. We disconnect from the vibration of love and acceptance and become aloof. We withhold our energy while acting superior to everyone around us.

Notice if there are any places in your life where you may be aligning with these lower vibrations and, again without judgment, accept them. Accepting them will help you acknowledge the behavior. When we step into the highest frequencies of Aquarius, we understand that we are just one part of a bigger collective. We want to contribute our energy to making the world a better place by connecting with the vibration of love and acceptance.

We have the opportunity with this pair to vibrate to a higher level than ever before. We learn to express ourselves from a place of love and gratitude instead of a place of judgment or neediness. We embody the true age of Aquarius, in which everyone contributes their unique talents while working together for the good of everyone on the planet. Take the time on this full Moon in Leo to feel what your heart wants to give to the world and courageously create a life that embodies its message.