September 29, 2022

Awakening YOU and let go of old karmic thoughts and how to do that you find here:

Stress and work pressure already account for 29% of absenteeism due to illness and a third of incapacity for work. About 30% of all health care costs are directly or indirectly the result of mental problems. Mental health problems in the Netherlands is causing by anxiety culture and reflecting to humans and is direct cause as a loss of productivity in our whole society.

The second reason:

The reason I took this section out of my book is that the main reason for corona is that there is too little oxygen in the blood. Stress and emotional stimuli that shorten the breath ensure that too few antibodies are produced by the body that remove waste products and viruses from the body.

You succeed because of what you can do and who you are and you will achieve much more with less. The human body is the most sophisticated machine.

Holistic health vision

A whole new apparatus should be set up with a focus on prevention and “general well-being.” Nutrition, mental health, sports and relaxation to strengthen the immune system. The Western world can take an example of this from the holistic Eastern approach. Mind are connected and many of our contemporary diseases are caused by the imbalance of the system. Many scientific studies have already shown the connection. Pills are not always necessary. A healthier situation for everyone!

According to the holistic approach, health must be seen in the light of the total functioning of the human being. The physical, mental, social, natural influences such as the planetary system and spiritual elements cannot be separated; they are important for good health and influence each other.

The ability to adapt and take control of the physical, emotional and social challenges in life. This definition is not based on disease, but on functioning, quality of life and a holistic view of mankind. Physical, mental and social state form one whole in this.

The speed, stress and tensions of modern existence shut down human life. 

Definition of breathing from yoga

Pranayama prāṇa = “life force”, ayāma = “control”), is a term from the yoga practice that refers to the control of breath. Pranayama is also releasing the breath or regulating the breath.

The one who controls this experiences total freedom and has no duality with himself and others and only brings prosperity.

Swami Paramhansa Yogananda describes pranayama in his Autobiography of a Yogi (1946) as “the control of the rarefied life currents”, which are called prana in yoga as well as vital life energy, which gives him the meaning of “control over the life force. “grants to. The practice of pranayama has two main goals in yoga. Physically, this is: bringing more oxygen (important by corona) into the blood, so that more oxygen is also supplied to the brain. Mysticism is the aim of the pranayama techniques to control prana. According to Yogananda, the human body loses a certain coarseness through the regular practice of pranayama, so that the force of gravity exerts less pressure on the body. He also offers a second translation, seeing in the composition of pranayama not only the word yama, but also ayama, which means “to increase.” In Sanskrit combinations, the second a on the border of the constituent words disappears, as a result of which he also gives pranayama the meaning of “increasing the life energy”. 

About breathing

99% of all human communication is emotional, not intellectual. 

Emotions determine more than thoughts and arise from our behaviors. 

Everything we are is the result of all our own thoughts. (Buddha) 

That is why pranayama is so important for that reason. For prana is the energy that pervades the universe on all levels. It is physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and cosmic energy. It is the first mover of all activities. The inhalation is the creative force, the holding of the breath is the organizing force and the exhalation is the destroyer (burning of food and waste).

In short. Decisiveness, strength, vitality, life and spirit is the ultimate manifestation.

It is the most real and the most mysterious. Prana in the form of breathing is the starting point. Ayama means extension, length, width, regulation, holding and holding the breath. From this comes energy and life force (important). Keep in mind that you can increase the amount of something as volatile and explosive as pure energy without taking steps and containing it, getting it in line and directing it (just increase the current in your house by 3x 220 volts).

Have you ever felt that your fatigue is greater than you can explain? As if a calculation error has been made with the consumed and remaining energy?

Most people call food our energy supplier, but then they forget about a few other important energy sources. You have probably been so captivated by an idea that you could work late into the night without feeling tired. 

A third energy source was discovered by yogis thousands of years ago. 

When Your Third Eye Is Opening in 2022

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