December 7, 2023

Terra Nullius. Roman Legal System (049 BC)

The Roman legal system

The term Terra Nullius originates from the Roman legal system (049 BC) and is still a legally valid part of the Constitution. Terra Nullius means No Man’s Land. It is a piece of land, territory or territory that does not belong to any State. While it may well be someone’s property or inheritance, the Roman legal system conceived it as land belonging to no one and therefore not entitled to protection by the Roman military. Those who do not enjoy state protection do not pay any tax, after all, tax is originally intended to pay for the state army.

Terra Nulliusus were usually immediately annexed by a military state, which encountered no resistance whatsoever. The European VOC regarded all territories outside the VOC member states as Terra Nullius. This made it possible to colonize an entire country with inhabitants. Colonialize is a fancy word for conquer, occupy, or bluntly rob. The inhabitants were enslaved, losing all their rights to protection. SLAVES ARE SO MOBILE TERRA NULLICI.

Various peoples roam the Earth that have fallen prey to the Terra Nullius Law and have lost their original habitat. They are Stateless and therefore Statusless and for generations they have been looking for The Promised Land that can protect them. These peoples are systematically stigmatized. This fate also affects refugees who try to apply for asylum.

States were created by confiscating habitats that belonged to farming families by brutal military force. Members of farming families continued to live on their own land, but were forced to surrender the yield of their arable land to the State. The farmers fell into poverty, it is very common in history that people literally died of hunger while their own fields were full of an abundance of food. Moreover, they were obliged to pay taxes in order to pay for the army that came to rob them and, if necessary, slaughter them if they refused to give up their food. In Ireland, for example, 1 million people were killed twice in one year. This too is a form of slavery.


States were created through the forced expropriation of family land owned by people who lived on this land. Similarly, animals were and still are deprived of their natural habitat. Both humans and animals are enslaved. These people are called citizens and the animals are counted as livestock, otherwise they serve as meat or source of materials and raw materials. WOMEN WERE COUNTED AS CATTLE FOR CENTURIES too.

A Terra Nullius can also be created by surveying. When two neighboring countries redefine their own territory, i.e. measure to determine the border between the two countries, a narrow strip or residual piece may remain. Borders are almost always redefined after a war, either because the occupier withdraws or because a country divides into federal states.

A Terra Nullius is now extremely rare, but highly sought after. New Terra Nulliusus are found on our Moon and on Mars. Once outside the Earth in search of No Man’s Land, they have a choice. The Cosmos is littered with Terra Nulliusus. 

As numerous as the stars!

Listen to your soul and how to do soul research. You finally understand where you come from and where you are going in these turbulent times. You remember why you are here right now, at a crucial stage of human development.

Body is impermanent but your behaviors are copied over from one body to another and remain standing, having redeemed good karma and restoring balance in this life.