February 25, 2024

Burn-out has been around for centuries

Burnout has existed for centuries and is created when you surrender yourself to the idealistic self-image that society demands of you.
Nobody can live up to this because then you are detracting from your true self and you create unprecedented stress in yourself.
Sounds painful but it is not. Lucky you. Get back on track.
Is back first. Reset to your real me. Let go of old habits that have not helped you further and turn them into new skils that do suit you. If you do what feels right, you are in the right mode. Below more explanation of the origin.

Sign of thwarting yourself too hard or giving yourself away to others.
There is an inner pain, which is the result of your blindness, of the alienation from your true nature. The consciousness of many is not attuned to being. When we live our lives with passion and a clear purpose, we make a crusade for our heart and soul: Using their words shows who you really are. We dare to hope and dream without fear of failure; we have effective inspiration, our possibilities are limitless, and our minds are open to a world of endless possibilities; hidden gifts and talents are revealed in challenges and excitement, and we discover that we are bigger than we ever dreamed. When we listen with an open heart and an unbiased mind to deeply understand how we are put together internally and let nothing or nobody fool us, we automatically follow our destiny and we are the happiest people in the world.
This is contagious and motivates others to find their own happiness as well and set an example for the whole of society that will be eternally grateful that you had the guts to set your own path and follow your passion.
But it all depends on you. Nothing will happen as long as you don’t risk it; positive action is the cure for fear.

Go for it! Discover your own treasure

Experience your true uniqueness. Discover what can only be expressed by you.

Tip 1

Choose a whole year for yourself
Give yourself a year to do something you’ve always wanted. sounds simple and is also simple. Dare to “live” and let your heart open and amaze yourself.
The possibilities are great: go to college, start your own company, choose another job, work on a healthy relationship with others who also inspire you or recharge your battery with sports, a walk in the woods, cycling or a new hobby. Choose what YOU want to do for a year and don’t get distracted by what others say about it. After all, it’s your year. The greatest gift you can give yourself this year. Motivate yourself to make this dream come true. Make your life more meaningful and fulfilling because it is your life and you are worthy of it and you owe it to yourself.

Tip 2

Isn’t for the fools?
But for you … so ..

Lucky coincidence? Definitely something you can choose from. You will find it everywhere, for sure. Open your eyes, see, be alert, get moving. Happiness comes from the little things in your life, see the flowers, notice all the colors in your environment and get inspired. Enjoy your music intensely. Focus on your own life and see how your happiness can also be self-evident. Because happiness is everywhere, grab those everyday moments and let them become magical moments. “Your happiness” and don’t let anyone take it away from you.

Andreas Dirker
Happiness seeker