December 7, 2023

What I do in work

What you can aspect from me: Creative, self-managing employee with insight into health and an interested in al sort of people to help them in live. What I can teach: Discipline, self-control, sense of responsibility, constancy, develop a broader thinking pattern. Philosophical attitude.(Socratessen) Can think rationally and has a keen sense of observation. Promote integrity, stressless working, to enjoy work and life. Supports what needs to be done. Always work in sequence and works according to methodology (learn simpel things first). Get people on the right place. Love for art and making stories with music. More intellectual energy / attitude. Good psychological resistance. Genius talent to find clever ideas. Develops dynamism. To rediscover ourselfs (talents / possibilities) To be a good speaker and listening to others but have also my own experiences. Desire to help others to find new goals. Very dedicated and creative to my job and adventurous goal-oriented. Been experienced account manager. See below my jobs. Self-reliant and ambitious. Working with different people and cultures where we learn from each other to a new level. Life starts with mind cleaning and do simpel things. Drawing conclusions from empirical facts is my specialty. Create integrity, finding the truth and create cooperation. Develop follow-up actions with workable or improving solutions based on previous experiences. Holistic thinking is cause and effect. Doing what the soul desires has a healing effect. Some things in life have an eternal value that you cannot ignore. Productive employé and serieus, who wants to shape new futures. Standard Bearer. Strongly focussed on anti-stress and happy working atmosphere and making people enthusiastic to go for there goals to develop themselves. Creativity is the life line from the hart en gives you extremely much more power. Sharing good news, is an multiplying effect. Historical health techniques that have not yet lost their eternal values.
Yoga theory, astrology and holistic health. Is nature. Bring history alive……….and believe me, they stil work. I Tried them all with succes. Still in the NOW
Holistic health vision. MOI Mystic of India
Health promoter.
Every soul has the right to its own life and making people happy in their journey
“Work for life but live is not for work only”
Create Your Own World By Natural Healing
Works with what the nature brings us. Old technique that works
available on Apple Books. 3 languages Dutch/English/Spanish
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