February 25, 2024

What we will see in the coming years and what will happen in the years to 2025.

The Energy Update = Surfing Waves of Tenderness. 

Yin and Yang.

The two great cosmic forces that rules our phenomenal world. 


Humanity is going through the phase of Anahata….and what does Enlightenment mean? A true hart is independent and constantly learning from his own mistakes and corrects them.

“New Earth” with “No Specific Rulers” is the old way.

It’s something that many people are expressing – new levels of emotion, vulnerability, emotional release going on inside you. 

Ascension symptoms and align with the higher frequencies?

Ascension symptoms are not something to be feared or avoided. They are signs that you are evolving and ascending to a higher level of consciousness and vibration. They are also opportunities to learn more about yourself and your purpose in this lifetime. However, they can also be uncomfortable and disruptive to your daily life. That’s why knowing how to ease your ascension symptoms and align with the higher frequencies calling you is essential.

For example: SOMEONE GREATLY MISJUDGED THE DIVINE PROTECTION YOU HAVE. Live is about questioning all the time.


However, there are some common ascension symptoms that many people experience and report their possible causes.

Clumsy behaviors: dropping or forgetting things and acting before thinking. This can be because you are adjusting to a new reality and way of being. You are also becoming more present and spontaneous in your actions.

Is it courageous to be vulnerable, courageous to receive, and courageous to risk the loss inherent in loving someone, it’s incredibly courageous to admit all the barriers we have to fully accepting ourself and another.

Our emotions have a direct effect on our physical body (and vice versa) and if we have deep-seated, unresolved emotions, our physical health will never be at its best. 

Getting to know yourself beyond thinking is stop thinking and let go old emotions from the past.

Your year is to be your own authentic self and you will start with being honest & integrity! You’re true to your own personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure that you’re under to act otherwise. You’re honest with yourself and with others, and you take responsibility for your mistakes. 

Your values, ideals, and actions align.

Why am I not my authentic self?

We may struggle to be authentic due to lack of self-esteem, fear of judgment by others, and a strong desire for others to like us. Past experiences, perhaps from childhood, that led to being shut down when we spoke our truth, can mistakenly teach us that it isn’t safe to be genuine.

“This is a time for every human being to build yourself into a higher possibility. Upgrade yourself in competence, thought, emotion, joy, peace and experience of life if your heart is out of balance.”

How do we, as women, step into our creativity and authentic selves? 

Irene Chong, MA is a former educator who now works to support women in reclaiming the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine and in being empowered in their true selves and in their gifts. 

When the Moon is closer to the Earth is feeling and most probably don’t want to feel it is “the space in the heart where purity dwells.” 

We are more able to see as the sun elevated our consciousness. Energy update. “The New Earth”. 

Earth is going through an enormous shift. 

Is remembering the subconscious for better understanding. 

Sometimes, the clearest and most genuine guidance comes from a soft, gentle voice inside us, not the loud ones filled with fear and doubt to transform in 2024 to real love without a probably a destructive ego to let go possession that can/will also bewailing posses people as a unconsciousness mind can do. You can’t own people as you living from your heart witch only want unconditionally love.

It might feel unsteady at the moment but the key is to keep on moving forward in order to stay balanced.

Fluttering heart: increased pulse and a warm feeling that spreads through the chest. This can be because you are expanding your heart chakra and increasing your capacity for love and compassion. You are also connecting with your higher self.

In “Immortal Mind” Ervin Lazlo and Anthony Peak provide scientific evidence for the continuous presence of consciousness with or without connection to a living organism.

They examined the rapidly growing body of scientific evidence for the continuity of consciousness, including near-death experiences, after-death communication, reincarnation, and the neuro-sensory information received during an altered state of consciousness.

By proving that consciousness lies at the basis of the cosmos and is immortal in the deeper, unmaterialized realm, Laszlo and Peake show that the purpose of consciousness is to manifest itself in living beings in order to continually evolve .

They explain how the continued presence of consciousness even though the body has died essentially shows that we are immortal and continue to exist even when our physical existence has come to an end.

The soul, your higher Self, is the best coach you could wish for. She knows you much better than you know yourself, and she can show you the right way to develop Wisdom and Affection. In fact, this development is the goal of our learning process. This is the reason we are on Earth.

Once you vibrate correctly, the shift happens IMMEDIATELY. (this is how)

Join us in exploring the subtle frequencies that hold the key to a profound existence. This journey challenges norms and unveils hidden truths, inviting you to tune into the essence of your being. Ready to resonate with a harmonious life?

In line with learning to work with the soul, the theme is healing old and deep wounds that have arisen in recent centuries. The soul sometimes has healing abilities and if you have become familiar with this over the years, you can, together with your soul, help with the healing processes of others.

There is a strong connection between getting to know yourself better and learning to collaborate with the soul. People who follow the path of Self-knowledge will therefore also have to deal with the help given from within and from above, by their soul, their higher Self.

Ascension symptoms are severe and uncontrollable.

What helps me in the darkest states:

(1) I connect to my inner centre, to my soul. I feel how it vibrates peacefully. My body shakes, tears coming down..this girl is really lost. BUT. Remember, there is a higher power inside of you: it radiates stillness. Feel this stillness for a moment.

(2) Listen to sad music and cry like a child. Purge your body.

(3) Must (at least for me) talk about your experience. Yeas, you are spiritual. But you are still a human, who needs validation and acceptance in his experience. Find people who are willing to understand your experience. You need to talk about your emotions, your pain, your fears. Always. You are not alone.

Breathing out old emotions.

You succeed because of what you can do and who you are and you will achieve much more with less.