September 28, 2023

What we will see in the coming years and what will happen in the years to 2024.

First we’re going to talk about pluto, the energy vibration of pluto is going to have its effect in the zodiac sign Capricorn, and that has already started in late November 2008. Then it changes into Capricorn and pluto stays there for 16 years. Pluto is the planet of destruction and reconstruction and the price you have to pay. And provide intense experiences that can radically change your life. The Capricorn zodiac sign is an earthly sign, and stands for hierarchy, soil, substance, the fossils, oil, mountains of stones, raw materials, but also for austerity, responsibility, leadership, quality and sustainability, ambitions, laws and rules, hard work, but also the sign of renunciation and hardship.

You choose

The master coach has a handy tip for the latter. “You can choose to follow your breath, without forcing anything,” it sounds. “You just observe your breath and after a while you will spontaneously inhale for as long as you exhale. Your breathing comes into balance. This is how you come into that deep rest. You will no longer need governments, religions or celebrities to tell you what to do. You just know, inside.

You come to your inner truth.”

The physical changes will continue on our Earth, and so will disruptions in our way of daily living for the next 16 years. We have already noticed that change in recent times, global crisis, the collapse of the housing market, massive layoffs and banks that collapse. but the climate has also started to change, which you have certainly noticed. Pluto is very radical in its dismantling. Pluto’s negative energy will be worldwide.

Pluto’s energy is also going to affect the world’s beliefs, such as murders in the name of God, and the scandals of child abuse in Catholic shelters. But also the oppression of women and men in religious religions. Pluto will tie these oppressors to the highest tree in public.

We are now entering a period of 16 years where a lot of changes are expected on our planet in the sign of Capricorn. The sign of ‘Status Quo’, in our society. The institutions in our society that still function like the financial world, governments, government agency, the military, police, medical world, the teachers, and the list goes on and on, all these aspects of society that we complain about a lot, and what we rely on every day, all this and more is going to change in a period of 16 years.

There are 3 aspects of Pluto.

The first is, chaotic states when things start to break down.

The 2nd aspect, a lot of friction when things in society are no longer real, around us.

The 3rd aspect, is reconstruction on new generation.

These aspects have catastrophic consequences for the world.
And especially the poor among the population. This is the beginning of the 3 aspects of Pluto.

There is another aspect that has to do with 2012.
That is Pluto which is in the zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorn also stands for the history of the earth but also for soil, mountains, mountains of ice, fossils and stones. Pluto has been in Capricorn for 16 years and during that time we are going to see changes in the land masses, tectonic shifting of the Earth’s crust, earthquakes, flooding in some parts of the world. And we’re really not going to like this. The impact on the land causes many problems, flooding, power failure. Transport is at risk and this causes food shortages, but commuting, education and medical assistance also face major problems.

But in the long run we try to find solutions to the problems, because after all we are an innovative breed that can adapt quickly. For already in 2011(12 March) then uranus and the sign ram will stand for 7 years, this gives a true explosion of new technologies. Which will certainly be an asset in those 7 years that uranus is in ram. Also around that time (April 4, 2011) Neptune is in the zodiac sign Pisces, which gives us a better intuition and a higher level of thinking. The two work together as a mix, which has a positive influence, because he will put our egos and eagerness to the side so that we can work better together and deal with the problems better.

I mentioned earlier in this story that the ibex stands for the history of the earth, with pluto in the sign of the ibex of the history of our roots, we are going to make remarkable finds in the field of archaeologists. Like a sniffing dog, we’re going to get information about the secrets and mysteries of our ancient civilizations, and our deep past, and it’s going to be publicly displayed. And this is going to provide concrete evidence but we come from. And their knowledge and science is coming to light, and if we are wise and seriously listen to that and use that information that comes from the distant past, this will be the key to our future in some way.
“It’s written in the stones.”


A lot is going to change in the world, which will not work out well for everyone Pluto is definitely not the sign of the end of time in 2012. In that sense we are also entering a completely new era in which we can make ourselves equal at the level of consciousness to the gods we once created ourselves. Gods who gave ourselves a guideline for the development and education that we need or had.

In that sense, like anything that comes in the sign of Capricorn, we become “grown up.”

We come to realize what the dark side of our existence is and how we have created it and are still creating it and was at the end of 2019 that 1940 and 1945 was coming up for restore old karma’s and the whole industry from paste time was coming alive again.

Ascension is evolution in nature for plant, animal and humans. Karma is past and future in your DNA/rDNA and is not looking outside but more inside because you was here before in many lifetimes.

The truth about past life – Have you met someone from your past life??? And we met them the last 2 years and many countries have given themselves over and repeating again and haven’t learn’t from earlier experiences in another timeline with other characters doing the same….. and it was from this periode because more then hundred years ago they had the same target if you get to the essence of this film and was control the whole world with the same purpose…


Become who you wanna be in 2022 for the coming 2000 years