February 25, 2024

Create Your Own World By Natural Healing Course in 2024

Welcome to Andreas Dirker’s website

To be aware is to be fully present in the Now and intuition is inner knowing. It is the total of human capacities in addition to the rational. You use it every day to know about yourself and the things you do. But what do you know about yourself and are you aware of the physical reactions?

Ed Dirker offers courses on breathing, meditation, the chakras, emotions, the eyes, communication, nutrition and Ayurveda. Pathways to come to a higher consciousness and develop intuitively with topics in which the energy flows, and other specific topics.

Pure life

How do you get acquainted?
You can then ask questions about my working method and lesson presentation.

For information and appointments, call 06 48754311


mail: createyourownworld@icloud.com
For whom?
For anyone who:

- Is curious about the possibilities in itself
- Wants to develop and apply awareness and intuitive capacities more in all facets of work, esoteric science and life.

– Want to gain more clarity on fundamental questions such as: why am I on earth?

-Who am I and what are my goals
-Is life and my life nothing but coincidence?
-Want to take steps in personal and spiritual growth?
The application possibilities of energy work and intuition lie in areas such as healthcare, business management, 
sales support, education and creative work.
But also in the personal sphere of family, relationships or study.

What are you learning? see agenda on the next page.

All courses are given on the days indicated below, unless 
stated otherwise.
Most courses are offered in 9 weekly lessons of 2.5 hours.

1.About breathing       Monday evening        19.15-21.45 uur

2. Meditation Tuesday evening   19.15-21.45 uur

3. De chakra’s               Wednesday evening   19.15-21.45 uur 

4. Yoga asana’s                Thursday evening 19.15-21.45 uur

5.  Emotions.  Friday morning   10.15-15.00 uur

6. The eyes. Monday morning 10.30-12.00 uur

7. Communication. Tuesday morning. 10.15-15.00 uur

8. Nutrition     Wednesday morning 10.15-15.00 uur

9. Ayurveda             Thursday evening        19.15-21.45 uur