May 31, 2023

Leon’s Past Life Regression with Dr. Brian Weiss

The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

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“Oprah Show” guest Leon Roberts returns to Harpo Studios to undergo an emotional past-life regression with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss. During the emotional session, Leon uncovers what may be the real reason for his rocky relationship with his sister in his current life. 

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Leon’s Past Life Regression with Dr. Brian Weiss | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

When I was 12 years old, my mom told me she hated me and wished I was never born. This was decades ago. It has scarred me in ways I cannot explain, and no amount of counseling helped. A few years ago, I came across Dr. Weiss on YT, and I went under hypnosis as if in his audience, all for the sole purpose of discovering who I was in relation to my mom in past lives. Turns out, we were essentially husband (me) and wife (her) way back in caveman times, from what I could tell. She sent me off on a hunt to find food for the family, and it was barren and freezing cold, and I came back empty-handed, causing our baby to die. She has blamed me and never forgiven me for it, though it was not my fault. Her rage is so deep that it has carried through the centuries. 

I studied Past-Life Regression Therapy with Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in NY and it was life changing! one of the best trainings I ever had.

This man has such a beautiful, empathetic soul. I think he’s been here many times, or maybe it’s just his nature. But it’s so beautiful that he is now connected to the woman he wanted to help. Maybe she died too, that night. They were put together so they could move forward and be each other’s support, in my own opinion. He can now be her protector. ❤️

I’ve had regression twice and it’s real when you are in it and can have after effects if the practitioner isn’t good. Dr. Weiss is excellent and this isn’t a parlor game to be played.

Instantly got teary-eyed when he said, “It was my sister.”

When he described that the woman being raped was his sister in another body and life and how sure he was that it was the same because the energy, he is right. My brother is a born seer and he said that we all have a unique energy imprint and signature that we will just know one another no matter what body or form we are in. We communicate and see one another on a soul level beyond the veil but in this matrix, we see and communicate on the surface and that’s one of the reasons why there’s so much lacking in under and inner standing in the world! So deep!

I been doing these hypnosis sessions on clients for the past 10 years. It’s beyond fascinating what they all experience. Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton are all great forerunners in the world of hypnosis. ✨🙏🏼🎉👏🏽