December 8, 2023

Too little oxygen in the blood.

The reason I took this section out of my book  Create Your Own World By Natural Healing is that the main reason for corona is that there is too little oxygen in the blood. When stress takes to long and becomes chronic, we must actively take control to avoid psychical pain or illness. Controlling the breath is the key to our psychical and mental health. Stress and emotional stimuli that shorten the breath ensure that too few antibodies are produced by the body that remove waste products and viruses from the body. Sanquin blood care in Rotterdam already discovered this, that people make new cels in good lungs with anti cels against this virus. Early yogis recognized that the rate of breath had a correlation with our health and how long we live. They believed that in order to live longer, everyone one has to breathe slowly to get confidence and making the right new cells to defeat diseases in the body. 

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