February 25, 2024

The Whole History of the Earth and Life 

Finished Edition 2020

Just keep our earth as it is! 

Don’t change earth. Change yourself !

This is a documentary which portrays the birth of the solar system, the birth of the Earth, and the emergence and evolution of life on Earth depicted through latest research activities. 

Executive producer: prof. Shigenori Maruyama. 

Supported by Hadean Bioscience Project. 

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

To unravel this basic question, it is necessary to see things from an interdisciplinary perspective, which transcends the boundaries between each scientific discipline such as astronomy, planetary science, geology, biology, physics, chemistry, etc.

We will answer this ever-important question through developing innovations with a new point of view which is delivered through decades-worth of interdisciplinary research.

This is amazing documentary 😇

We should change this modern world what we creating now for our needs. See How long it had taken to develop our earth. We (only humans)are easily destroying it.  

6 th mass extinction is on the way! Just keep our earth as it is! 

Don’t change earth. Change yourself !

humans be like: yes our ancestors lived here but we are going to leave this planet a billion years before its uninhabitable because yes

This tells that enjoy life while you’re alive… All things that started must come to an end….

Life is indeed so beautiful….learn to appreciate it sometimes instead of complaining abt things cuz one day every1 has to die anyway 💜💜💟💟💌💌

This is the very best description of the history of our world!!!!!

Life on Earth evolves, organisms manage to survive.”