February 25, 2024

The wheel of fortune in ascension 1940-1945

Het proces van ascension in nature as karma’s arrives for better outcomes in behavior.

Cosmic energy, the love in your body that is already there…..embrace yourself in 2022

Hoe de onsterfelijke ziel een nieuwe bestemming krijgt in een ander leven.

If Tesla know it, you can know it to…..he also opens his third eye by the technique of the Yogi’s for better understanding and diving deep into his soul for better understanding as mentioned before…..= reaching higher consciousness first and awakening the sleeping snake within you…..

Hoe zijn zielen ontstaan?


The Dutch Vikings: Frisians Full History = we are all related from early sources
Find Out How Many Lives You Have Lived Based On Your Birthday
Man Born in 1846 Talks About the 1860s and Fighting in the Civil War
This is just another way to think about our past in 2022
The science of reincarnation is Pluto the dark side of unconsciousness…..
Dark Night of the soul to review.

The inner child is the gatekeeper between us and infinity. No matter how much spiritual knowledge we develop, we must connect with our inner child if we want to embody multidimensional consciousness. The inner child serves a cosmic role and is the single most important archetype in the spirit of this age.

The first time ever a famous spiritual astrologer shares the secrets previously known only to professionals that hold the key to your future. Astrologer Jan Spiller shows you the key to discovering your hidden talents your deepest desires and the ways you can avoid negative influences that may distract you from achieving your true life purpose as revealed in your chart by the position of the North Node of the Moon. With insight and depth impossible to gain from the commonly known suns because it’s the real you.


OCTOBER ASTROLOGY 2022 – Eclipse Season Begins!
Is transformation of yourself first in 2022

It has been established beyond doubt that viruses do not exist.

Goethe speaks here of orthodox doctors, the sorcerers, or those who dispense poisonous drugs, shameless murderers, who are still praised today.

Is The Federal Government in Washington, DC A Corporation? | Ann Vandersteel

Rockefellers created medicine from petroleum far in the history.


The natural healing power is decisive and health must be acquired. To heal means to cleanse = how we can prevent diseases = to be most interested in our own health, to strengthen it instead of neglecting and/or denying it. A true master does not impose anything on you, shows you the way to your mastery This Age has been described as a Golden Age of Peace and Harmony, the embodiment of the “Christian Consciousness” within the Great Cycle.

Go to www.LIFEexplained.com explains that it was and always has been and found it difficult to explain and foolishly evaded the reason for karmic behavior and thus compensate for their own behavior…..

In short, the ennobling of man of the subconscious when all planets are ahead and the reincarnation planet Pluto calls up all old karmas for recovery and you come to calendar = confession of guilt or penance. See below for karmas emerging in June 2022.

The word Calendar comes from Latin and literally means debt register(!). It was never developed to keep track of time but to collect debts from the vanquished people. If you look up the meaning of calendar today you will see that it is censored. In old dictionaries before 1970 this is in any case mentioned. In behavior we are still on the Terra Nullius.


‘Belemmerend gedrag komt vaak uit oude pijn in het onbewuste’

Was the old natural law that descended on our earth in the Schumann resonance and ran until the end of 2019: Blaming others, appropriation without any right, law and regulations, imposing perpetrator/victim role one’s own will and keeping control are/were the ingredients of the previous cycle that is slowly changing.

Are you the new world order?? New spiritual possibilities and abilities will open up in the coming year that have not been embodied on Earth before. The field of Unity Consciousness can now be lived in a practical way and we are given new tools to start living from these magical layers of existence. You can read a projection until 2023 here.

‘Het jaar van de stralende innerlijke juwelen’

Everything you own becomes the property of the Central Banks?? Versus Absolute Freedom

Stichting Bewust Nederland – Mondmaskers

the old karma’s in your DNA/rDNA in water is the untold past for release old memories
Fit for life in 2022

Yoga is aimed at the prevention of disease with a very comprehensive explanation of the functioning of all bodily functions…with exercises to get back into that power of the organ for which it is intended and derived from the nature from which every living being originates. The living of non violence…..can be the policy of a nation….

Yoga is aimed at the prevention of disease and very extensive explanations about the functioning of all bodily functions…

The new Aquarius energy is: back to origin, authenticity, respect for the individual and mother earth such as: Transformation, Unity, Holism, Love, Acceptance, Charity, Compassion, Freedom, Free will experience. The gate to our heart was opened when you know that the earth runs in cycles and old heart desires still bring what soul desires are and express themselves on all fronts in our society.

Soul desires are still undermined by imposed behavior (child behavior) while freedom provides the creative spiral that makes us all grow in the world for all that lives. Without a creation spiral no evolution and we repeat what happened before is copy behavior and our earth ends up here in evolution.

Het Grote Ontwaken energie en wereldwijde energie
De wereld vanaf oorsprong opgebouwd uit volkeren en zitten de Friezen (nu Nederland) op 07:00.

From 7 billion to 5 billion in evolution of population you see at the end History of the Earth and life.

Who missed the depth? Who took it blindly? Who were the smartest and went to investigate what’s really going on? Who could resist the temptation if 3 billion of the population disappear by 2030? Extracted the deeper essence and come to different conclusions for what is really going on? The whole world ended up in old emotions in the subconscious that turned out to be not processed, replayed, the old war was not over yet again great suffering on our retina to achieve further evolution, to get 100% out of your life for the next 2,000 years for the next generation and we’re just over half way as we move from lust to intelligence to enable your Devine plan and get the best out of yourself.

Beyond duality in 2022

How wil I survive? Finished Edition Just keep our earth as it is! 

Don’t change earth. Change yourself!

Karma means material action, that which is instigated by egoistic desire.

The Secret of Life

It sets into motion the law of cause and effect. The action produces a result that binds itself to the doer until the cause is compensated by the appropriate effect, whether forthcoming immediately or carried over from one life to another. Persons who pass their lifetime satisfying the body and gratifying the ego, unaware of the Divine Image in themselves, amass earthly karma or sins. When they die with those unresolved karmic consequences and with unfulfilled earthly desires, they must reincarnate again and again to resolve all mortal entanglements.


Freeing the Self

The Twelfth layer of conditioned reality is that of the Self. It is shaped by how we experience the world around us, from the time we were in the womb to our present age. In this phase of the awakening process we can process and let go of negative or charged experiences from the past. It can be gradual or feel overwhelming. It is considered relatively normal that we go to a therapist to process emotions and trauma. Therefore, we may not describe it as a spiritual process.

While it’s helpful to work with emotions and stories, if we don’t understand the awakening process, there’s a danger that we’ll get stuck in logic and emotions, telling and reliving the same stories over and over instead of cleaning them up and engage with it on a spiritual level.

The family lines are now coming in, with patterns going back 17 generations, so this is super deep. I hear more people say that it is all so intense for the body. It seems that the processes of healing are now being initiated from the physical. It is time to break out of the structures and therefore also the armor that physically holds the old Matrix. This coming month, this new Moon indicates, the Cosmic level of your Divine Self can become powerfully felt in every fiber of the body. This may be done with gentleness, care and nurturing. This new Moon is a very important link in the opening of the Divine in the body.


Releasing your old karma’s in 2022

Old emotions from the previous cycle will be allowed to be expressed first. They had the best intentions and saw through the evil of good and the church did not like that and see here how that went the Gnosis part 2 Cathar 1990 and see this as the copying behavior with other characters in other timelines with other ingredients of the message comes down to the same. Proclaim an ideology that they want the whole world to believe in and the meek sheep go along with this at all levels in society and seek support in their story. Stress should never last longer than 2 months otherwise the body will go to ruin, for that reason saying goodbye in love is the best option for self-preservation, protecting one’s own body to prevent worse complaints in the future is the way that says “NO” and this far and no further, saying goodbye is the best option and the only choice you have no matter how difficult it may be.

Conclusion: If you have watched this film to the end, put it in the current era because it is about behaviors from the past with the same objectives. When transmit a belief and today we do a vaccine/drugs and/or a war in the same form with other characters trying to convince others of the so-called good intentions with false content about reality, man can through this same illusion break away so as not to be denounced as then.

Grandpa T. Gates 1913

Our governments still do the same worldwide with other characters, have learned nothing at all from the evolution that should take place on this planet, ego driven continue when it is really the intention to make use of this earth in order to give the majority a chance to give for equal care and take = to serve and to serve the purpose, authenticity, respect for the individual and mother earth, striving for charity to respond to this is living from your heart and so warmly.

Then you see that in 2 centuries nothing has changed and we are still doing the same and not pursuing evolution to give the divine in man a chance. See diagram above.

The Evolution of Symbols.


Rockefellers created medicine from petroleum far in the history. https://youtu.be/SGi86C7sp-0

When it comes to curing or preventing, it doesn’t stop there. Thank you for locating all this material. The German chemical company named IG Farben. An industry that pretends to be a pill for your health but in fact sacrifices you skin and hair.

An industry that pretends to be a pill for your health.


The term ‘karma’ comes from Sanskrit, where it means something like ‘deed’ or ‘action’. Man can only be free within his own possibilities. The more mature a person, the greater the freedom. Living in such freedom we listen to our inner voice.

The houses and signs conflicting through the axis of the Lunar Nodes provide the realms of experience in which we can resolve the conflict between the unconscious habitual behavior (the South Node) and conscious choice (the North Node ) have to fight. The South Node or Drake’s Tail reflects what we already had in our backpack at the beginning of our life’s journey. The North Node or Drake’s Head indicates gains and riches that we can acquire during this lifetime.

The Moon’s Nodes say something about our life lessons.

Is There Life after Death? Young children who claimed to recall past lives in the NOW.

Fifty Years of Research at UVA

This is awesome! Not only are all those ideas and thoughts incredibly interesting, BUT this group is researching it all… i wish i was on their team. How exciting and totally fascinating it is to investigate this. Thank you for sharing.

I want to congratulate the scientists who gave the lecture because of their open mind. 

Real scientists are open to study anything without dogmatism.

This is serious research. I am so glad he is studying this phenomenon because it is so very important!

There truly is Life after Life!


In “Immortal Mind” Ervin Lazlo and Anthony Peak provide the scientific evidence for the continuous presence of consciousness with or without connection to a living organism. 

They examined the rapidly growing body of scientific evidence for the continuity of consciousness, including near-death experiences, communication after death, reincarnation, and the neuro-sensory information received during a different state of consciousness.

They explain how the continued presence of consciousness, even though the body has died, essentially shows that we are immortal and we continue to exist even when our physical existence has come to an end.

It’s bad but thank you for keeping history alive buy playing this.

Because history repeats itself as you can see in the Ukraine

Are you an old soul? Discover it in Old Souls Guide. An old soul has already had hundreds of lives and therefore has a lot of wisdom. This wisdom is essential in your present life.

It can explain inexplicable fears and physical discomforts, clarify your life purpose and reveal hidden talents. It can also explain why you experience many violent events. For an old soul, life is an intense experience and life will not always be easy. Cancer is the “mother” of the zodiac. The nurturing and concerned sign. What can you do for someone else? 

Think about a good deed, helping someone else. It can be very small. Smile at someone on the street, offer a listening ear or help someone with something.

The Deep Meaning Of Yin & Yang


The themes that require research and transformation are old and deep and can trap you in old traumas. Another possibility is that you simply don’t know how to let go. Old traumas then present themselves. These are cosmic traumas much older than this lifetime that your Soul experienced during your descent into matter. These have arisen from conflicts that you have experienced in the duality of the Matrix. These traumas are often repeated.


ISBN 90 5483 057 3


By proving that consciousness lies at the root of the cosmos and is immortal in the deeper, unmaterialized sphere, Laszlo and Peake show that the purpose of consciousness is to manifest in living beings in order to continuously evolving with egologous goals for better results than just technical progress, pursuing more depth that benefits the whole population = learning to pursue the essence at a deeper level. Health is processing old emotions for everyone to be able to express and process yourself on a deeper level.

ascension in nature at the end of 2019 for 1940-1945
1943 | Volksduitsers in Polen | In Europa | In Europa (2006/2007)


Learn to imbue yourself with joy.

Infinite love fills my mind and imbues my body with its perfect life.

In 2019 Pluto the planet of the reincarnations called for the behaviors of 1940/1945 for restoration to bring about further evolution on our earth and not look outside of ourselves as you are doing now. Peace can be found in yourself if you are allowed to be who you want to be and is transcending yourself in this life and we move with the whole world to the Aquarius Age. As above, so below and reigning over our lives for ages, ascension is the essence in you. 

Who are you really who doesn’t look outside of yourself but was here before and repeats an event from 83 years ago in our history, letting yourself be blindly swept up in the thoughts of others and again being put in the same cart, not their taking responsibility towards the entire population and not daring to say “no” to achieve further depth towards those goals, righteous in accordance with the tenets of a democracy, also said if meek sheep go along with this, let it come to this supposedly for the sake of charity like this one earlier in our history (plutonic world leaders: Hitler, Stalin, Mao). As humanity, we are increasingly taking matters into our own hands.

The loss is then the only outcome for environments and those people who have rigged and/or built this in their favor and are now completely abandoned with all the consequences that entails………. .. = destroy what was previously built up by their own people.

Pluto gives the development of humanity in the form of the resistance against the cosmic laws, through which we as humans become aware of ourselves and disconnect from the gods.

Pluto and the opposition to the cosmic law does result in a kind of violation, the law is broadened, but at the same time there is, as it were, the death penalty.

Pluto represents the experience we get when we split off from the divine in which we completely reject our real selves which again causes an inner stress of unprocessed emotions in the subconscious and hide away what we actually have to live through that fear.

The Divine Plan, The First Temple, Divine DNA and the New Earth

An overview of the enormous changes that are taking place on the energetic and spiritual levels on earth, and the gigantic possibilities you have = Pluto square Pluto is therefore about the experience of fear, but also symbolizes the rebirth principle in the form of overcoming our fear; (Christ trial, crucifixion and resurrection). The resurrection is “You” who comes to believe in himself in confidence and can resist the art of deception in this life, take care of his own divine “I” and not let it depend on others = experiencing self-knowledge = pursuing authenticity = experiencing love from your heart.


Many of them were highly educated…… TheUntoldPast

He was responsible for the guards such as Irma Grese who were incredibly sadistic.

Let us always remember. Never forget.

I know that would be harsh, but these people were truly evil beyond imagination.

The old WWII Germans explains the arms industry after WWII again

This is an extraordinary time in the history of our planet. Announced in 2009 and already started in 2012, our sun will align most closely with the Galactic Center, known as the Heart of the Great Mother, for the first time in 26,000 years. Interesting, informative and novel approach announced as early as 2012 to explore. This book made a very important contribution to the exploration of the meaning of the year 2012. It focuses on the archetypal patterns and the transformation of ourselves that can be promoted as our civilization is confronted with this time of the great shift in the world ever. dr. Page explores the major archetypal roles that have been reflected throughout history in the myths of societies around the world.

As the subtitle suggests, the archetypal aspects of the feminine are of great importance and we are invited to integrate all aspects of ourselves. Astrology and alchemy are metaphysical tools for understanding and applying this consciousness in the process of spiritual growth and integration. Thus, this book explores astrological issues as well as elemental and archetypal patterns reflected in myths. This book actually has little to do with what could already happen externally in 2012, instead, it invites us all to progress on our path of inner transformation that we are all currently on with significant consequences. There’s a lot to think about here…this is a great book for those looking to accelerate their personal growth beyond 2012, though anyone looking for forecasts of earthquakes and rapid shifts in the external world might will be disappointed.

I applaud this author for her thoughtful input on how we can still embrace this time of great opportunity for personal growth for what has been used before and is now happening.

Uitgelicht! 18 mei 2022 – Nicole Bolweg (ProLife) over het belang van sterke en gezonde relaties

Blocking or kicking someone out of your life doesn’t always mean running away from someone or not daring to confront someone. Sometimes it is the conscious choice you make not to allow someone into your energy field. To stop dueling. It shows true strength to stop participating in manipulative games of others. Don’t be fooled by people who feel rejected by it. That is his/her Earthly lesson. They may learn to deal with rejection and not take it personally. Sometimes people don’t fit into your life anymore because you grow and develop and the other makes the choice to stick around or because it’s still is not the time for that person to grow.

Top 10 Signs Of A KARMIC RELATIONSHIP! And why it’s better to leave them….

People who are touched by rejection from their 2nd chakra often tend to lash out from pain, react jealously, want to manipulate you, get old cows out of the ditch, want confirmation and being right with their beliefs and grasp the rejection very personal.

Do not be afraid if you are currently dealing with this, let these people go if they no longer fit into your life. When there is no more room for these people. Let go in love and grow further. You have the right to let go! If someone else has trouble with that, leave that lesson with that other person, you don’t have to help, save or convince. This person also has a path to walk just like you. Holding really makes no sense. It takes away your strength and energy. Because you pump all your life energy into holding. Just let go and feel how liberating that is and how your energy will flow. Holding on also hinders the freedom of the other. The other cannot continue if you hold on. Sometimes people are not ready to grow with you. Sometimes you may come across them further down your path if that is the intention. And if not, it would never have been the intention in the first place for this person to grow with you in your life. And you’ve wasted so much energy to hold on. Sin….let it go in love….And make room for more beautiful things in life. New people appearing on your path that you no longer have to put in the effort. These people connect and know just like you… a godsend, a relief, no expectations or dependence…. that’s the beauty of life 🌻🌼🌳🌤🌟I am grateful for you who walk side by side on this path.

The body is returning more and more in strength. If you have not been feeling so well in the past period or have had some physical defects, that will come to an end in the coming period. Your body is becoming more vital and powerful.

Healings feel like coming home to me. So much recognition in what you say. What I especially like is that you do it with an open and loving heart. You make me feel that we are all the same and that you too are going through or have gone through the same challenges as me and probably many of us. The way of “alone”. Sometimes feeling so separated from this world, misunderstood but also being so overflowing with love at the most unexpected moments. I have a little fear of being vulnerable. It is a great good for me that I can feel your loving heart again and again when you give or receive a healing. Room for everyone, no matter what your question is…everyone matters. For me the healings are food for my soul.” A true master does not create followers and does not want to be worshiped or have control over you. A true master shows you the way to mastery.

Your mastery! 2022 the year of spiritual testing.

Awakening Consciousness

Your mind, your brain will connect more with your higher self. What I also realize is that you will receive more insights and downloads of light codes in the coming period. With this, the body is also increasingly restored from old DNA structures. In connection with the body this tells me that your body is also transforming more and more physically. You will look younger in your face, your hair will shine more and your eyes will be brighter. You shine like the summer sun as the solar storms increase and the “Schumann resonance” – also called “the heartbeat of the earth” – and our brain waves have a surprising resemblance. 

HeartMath Institute

We are passionate and dedicated people, steadfast in our commitment to provide solutions for activating the heart of humanity. HeartMath Institute empowers individuals, families, groups and organizations to enhance their life experiences using tools that enable them to better recognize and access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence.


Soul: The soul is liberated within your physical body. In the coming period you will notice that it is much easier to take steps from your heart/soul. That you are much more in touch with your higher self. Body, mind and soul will come into total connection for you in the coming period. The body needed a lot of time to recover after all the inner work and transitions. Purely because we had to learn that the body has a language of its own.

If you learn to listen to the language of your body and your 7 main Chakras then you can restore your body and make different choices in this life and after 2 centuries learn to take care of yourself without envy of others.


Jij die Jij wil zijn = the wheel of fortune nastreven.

Christina Aguilera – Hurt

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
You told me how proud you were but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today

These Are The Days Of Our Lives


And where do we want to go is: back to origin, authenticity, respect for the individual and mother earth and move from desire to intelligence .“We no longer believe blindly in government, our parents or celebrities, but more in ourselves.”

Aquarian Season in the Age of Aquarius: What You Need to Know

A good example is this one Already a farm over two centuries ago, it was retrieved from abandon and taken into safekeeping by the Lo Franco Family in 1978.


World News Report Today is a Conservative Vlog that attempts to bring people all around the World real news happening in real time. We uphold Christian Values and report on Political, Economic, GeoPolitical, and other news. We also dabble into Every Day Carry Items. We consider ourselves REAL NEWS.

The kundalini of the Earth has connected with the cosmic kundalini. This is a mega shift in energy. As the energy field of the Earth changes, so do we. For our energy field is one and connected with that of Mother Earth.

These are the strongest #Schumann Resonance I have ever seen to date.  I know we are having a huge surge in vibrations and frequencies.  These people need to leave mother nature alone.  You know it is man made or is it natural? Timing points to something orbiting us.

As humanity closes the year with a dazzling firework display, the cosmos closes the more than 2 centuries-long cycle with its largest firework display in the form of the most bizarre weather changes with a lot of water as the name suggests that the whole world now experience as happened before if you had consulted history for what is to come.

History Repeat in 2022??

The estimated damage is estimated at 200 trillion worldwide to repair the damage incurred. Flash floods, Windstorms: Tornadoes, tropical cyclones, typhoons, blizzards, hail, hurricanes, drought, cold, Fire: forest fire, fire, smog, Earth disasters: earthquakes , tsunamis, mudslides, avalanches, ice avalanches, sinkholes, volcanic eruptions. The Earth’s crust is moving, Disasters: epidemics in humans and animals, global warming. The power of the moon. About the ENERGY of the moon and the influence it exerts on nature, our health, finances, love, family and adventure currently going on worldwide. It is well known that the moon influences THE BEHAVIOR of humans and animals, the tides and other natural phenomena. It will therefore come as no surprise that the power of the moon also influences our daily lives and in areas such as family, profession and finances, love and partnership, fertility, body and mind, adventure, atmosphere and general well-being.

Floodings in 2022 til the end of September 2022

So in other words. It’s breaking the laws of man, but is actually happening in the universe right now. Which is normal and happening on the sun as we speak. Yet, is breaking the law. But is normal yet not for man’s law describing how the sun and sun spot should act. So this is wrong according to scientist’s theories of the sun. But yet is still happening. I wonder which is wrong? The sun and what is actually happening right now as we are seeing and witnessing.

We have a Pole shift from Yang to Yin and 7 months left till the end of year.

The old karma’s in your DNA/rDNA in water keeps the memories alive is the untold past in the sub-consiusness for release old memories in heat and to breath out and/or forgiveness for release the pain to clear the memories…

My book Breathing and emotions is available on Apple Books = Breathing out for let go the past.


On that day the seer takes up residence in his own true nature. What we call “seeing” here always takes place while sitting in silence, right after that milestone with the jar we were talking about. Who understands what misunderstanding means—on a very deep level, whenever we are simply perceiving things around us, or just thinking. As for the channels deep within us, as for the subtle winds in them, the two side channels are always bulging with misunderstood thoughts and the two poisons that arise from them: loving things wrongly and disliking them wrongly. And in the wake of those thoughts comes a swarm of others. In the Moon Channel: thoughts of possessiveness, impossible desires, pride. All related to that stupid kind of loving. In the Sun Channel: thoughts of anger, hatred, competition. All related to that stupid kind of disgust.

Living in harmony with nature is the key by which most of the life charm is revealed. That is why it is important to understand this simple principle that the natural order of things is a collection of repetitive rhythmic processes that affect our health, physical strength and spiritual balance. The mechanisms functioning in nature affects the human being, which is a part of the world. To better understand the reality around us and adapt the rhythm of working and your own life, you must possess adequate knowledge of these phenomena, which have the biggest influence on them.


Makes my life beautiful in a ordinary way 2022