September 28, 2023

Ancestral Karma Clearing

Release Negative Buildup Inherited From DNA Family Bloodline

Our ancestors have a very powerful effect upon us on an energy level.  There can be a lot of positive and negative, that flows our way from our DNA bloodline. Ancestral healing is the method to deal with all ancestral issues that has been passed on to us from our parent, grandparents and beyond in our family tree. 

If you suspect that you have inherited ancestral karma or a generational curse, even if you have had many healings, and always seem to be held back in life or feel weighed down by negative energy. The clearing of ancestral karma is very valuable for your soul and also protects your children or future children from the ancestors karma. Once the clearing of negative ancestral karma is completed, people report much more clarity and positive “connections” with ancestors. Its not that the family is evil, its because parents have inherited some baggage from their parents and their parents inherited it from their parents and so on. You also have the here and now of what we accumulate in your own life times that you can hold on too. 

It is time in the here and now your longline ancestors are asking you to end it here with your own bloodline to make way for profound growth and transformation, you are being called to clear, heal and release anything that may be holding you back from accessing expanded states of consciousness.

It is believed that many light workers, starseeds and spiritual healers have many things thrown their way and have to deal with excessive amounts of negative karma. Most of this is inherited in your dna and you as starseeds are ultimately here to end that karma, to rid the bloodline of the negative buildup from generations. If you succeed you will then be able to live from a clean slate in harmony and at one with the universe.

20 Minute sound healing session to:

✧  Clear Negativity

✧  Harmonise Relationships

✧  Complete flush of All Chakra’s

✧  Remove Buildup from DNA Bloodline

This is my first time listening and it really resonated within my soul. The music/sounds / vibrations made me feel, I am truly releasing something I wasn’t aware of. 

I definitely believe in ancestral negative energy. I am free. I am cleansed. 

I am blessed and so are you.

I’ve been using this for about 4 or 5 days now and everything is just wow!!! not so heavy anymore and so much brighter too!!! this karma cleanser is incredible.

I release all generational curses and trauma. I welcome generational blessings, health and wealth. Sending you all love and peace.

In God’s name rid all bad energies in any and all form! 

This is a great work, a gift, thank you so much, may all my generation and ancestral and family curses, traumas, negativity, toxicity, drama, diseases, illnesses, problems, obstacles, misery be cleared, healed, fixed, removed, healed Now and reward with health, wealth, success, happiness, bride, courage, positivity, luck, beauty, respect, magic, truth, joy, blessings, abundance, pleasures, greatness, love, warmth, protection now to full my life, my journey, my road, my path, my chapters my next life times, and my children and my own family if I will have one and to the next generations from my own blood line, and may they know and remember and honor and prise me and my soul for doing the healing work, now and forever. love and healing to you and for you all powerful strong beautiful souls, blessed be, thanks God, the universe, my Guardian and guides spirits and my ancestors and loved ones and followers, thank you to every soul come across here, may you all be healed and blessed. 🙏🏻🛡🧿🤍💎☀

It’s so crazy after I listened to this my soul just felt so light and cleared. I felt like this got rid of so much weight and heaviness and build up from my parents, generational DNA

Wow!💕 This may sound a bit ‘out there’ but it’s true.  If you sing to the SUN of love and thanks, the SUN will answer you with stronger healing rays.  It’s miraculous, divine.  You can use any tune, just add your own words of love and thanks.  The more you do, the more you will see, our life giving, living light. 

Thank you again.  

With light and love always🎼🌞💓

Almost every person MUST CLEAR ancestral karma.

I entered in deep meditation and I received help and healing from my guide. Then I found trauma linked to witch trials and I received help and curing energies from my goddesses. This meditation tune is very powerfull, thank you so much.

I came back to say that this video/audio has worked very well for me. I feel like a new person and that so much weight has been lifted off of me.

This is such a relief to listen to- even when uncomfortable! I’m amazed at the lessening of period aches I’m experiencing and relief and sense of feeling more comfortable in my body. 

Thank you!

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