December 7, 2023

The Great Simplification – Full Movie 2022

This 32 minute animation -in 4 Acts – describes the backdrop for The Great Simplification – an economic/cultural transition beginning in the not-too-distant future.  

We made this movie, originally as a framing ‘teaser’ for the new podcast, but the project….expanded over time.  

Part 1 describes how our species got to this point, and the role of energy in our economies

Part 2 gives an overview of the relationship between energy, technology, money and the environment and how global human society is (currently) akin to a metabolic heat engine

Part 3 gives an overview of individual (and aggregate) human behavior tendencies in a novel modern environment and why these dynamics are relevant to our current challenges

Part 4 describes how people look at the future wearing different popular lenses, but when wearing a ‘systems’ lens, it becomes clear that a Great Simplification is soon approaching.

There are show notes pinned in the comments and also at

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Here are show notes and references hosted on the podcast site:

Here are show notes and references hosted on the podcast site:

I believe Nate is one of the top five objective voices on the climate/societal catastrophy occurring.

This is what we call, a Theory of Everything. To arrive at a point of choosing simpler lives, not pursuing endless technological innovation that separates us from nature evermore, seems like a point of coming full circle, a hero’s journey, a call to home. That’s enough to wake me up, and set me on a different path. I only see a little bit of it with each step, but even so, something tells me it is the most fundamental path towards the highest good I could take in this life. 

The most concise big picture and call to action I’ve seen – a tremendous synthesis of our predicament thank you Nate, I look forward to sharing this with my peer group.

Thank you for this great contribution. There is much to unpack and integrate. I am in awe.

Speechless to the awareness this can bring to many. 

Much gratitude.

In a way our energy blindness is a bit like memory loss and magical thinking