August 8, 2022

Earthquakes and volcanos started februari 2022

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The age of the Earth and the process of evolution are topics in which scientists will claim that they comprehend everything with certainty. When anyone attempts to question their theories on these subjects and more, they are forced into silence through ridicule. If you really look into the theories that scientists promote and the methods that they use to come up with these theories, then you will begin to realize how questionable their assertions actually are.

The Earth’s magnetic field is the most important protective shield of our earthly home. This invisible construct that surrounds and penetrates our blue home planet shields us from the charged particles of the solar wind, which would otherwise fall on us unchecked. Essentially, one could say that if the Earth’s magnetic field did not exist, terrestrial life would never have been able to develop in its known form. But what would actually happen if the Earth’s magnetic shield were to undergo a drastic change? In fact, we know that such pole jumps have already occurred several times in the past. But how would a new pole reversal affect all of our lives? And even more: has such a process possibly already been set in motion? Together with you we’re looking for answers today!

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Pole reversal has happened many times in the past and is happening right now. It will take a while to complete and could be problematic depending on how rapidly it occurs and whether the pole during transition faces the sun or not. Generally, past pole reversal have resulted in drastic climate changes and natural disasters and the stripping away of a portion of the atmosphere.

We all need to work together to deal with some of the issues that could change the face of the whole planet.
Geregeld barsten vulkanen van deze ring uit, maar zelden met de kracht van deze.
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