November 30, 2022

Floodings in 2022

Why are there so many natural disasters lately? What do you think?

Earth is going around in circles and this one was already announced in 2009 that this one is coming ahead and have this ingredients: Are the poles currently reversing and it will take another 5 months before we end up in yin and the feminine energy of the earth is also called “The Great Mother” announced in 2012 and we are slowly saying goodbye to the yang energy that has embraced our earth for 2 centuries with a male energy and may women restore the balance for the future and restore the balance that has been sorely disturbed.

The cycle ends with the following natural disasters such as: 1) geological emergencies: earthquake, volcanic eruption, mudflow, landslide, collapse, avalanche; 2) Hydrological emergencies: flood, tsunami, limnological disaster, flooding; 3) Fires: forest fire, peat fire, glass fire, forest fire; 4) Extreme Meteorological Situations: Tornado, Cyclone, Blizzard, Hail, Drought, Hail, Hurricane, Storm, Thunderstorm, Typhoon, Storm, Lightning.

The changing energy is we say goodbye to blaming others, appropriation without any right, law and regulations, imposing perpetrator/victim role on one’s own will and keeping control are/were the ingredients of the previous cycle that is slowly changing and we end up in the new Aquarius energy is: back to origin, authenticity, respect for the individual and mother earth such as: Transformation, Unity, Holism, Love, Acceptance, Charity, Compassion, Freedom, Free will experience and brings the whole world in one half in the old energy and the other half in the new energy…

The estimated damage is estimated at 200 trillion worldwide to repair the damage incurred when we entering the new Aquarius periode with a lot of water for restore the previous cycle from the disbalance from the ego driven male energie to yin a female energie for the next 2000 years and release from old karma as we moving from desire to intelligence for higher consciousness in evolution.

Soul Journey & Ascension Journey and What does this actually mean?

5.6 Earthquake Easter Island area. Saturday night 11/26/2022
De ergste overstroming in Jeddah, Saoedi-Arabië.
Nooo, It’s Happening Again!!! Lake Mead Water Level Update! Level is still going down wards…
Schotland overstroomde met een mengsel van water en modder! Er is modderschade aangericht!
A whole ocean from the sky fell on Miami! The sun has said goodbye! People in search of the ark!
Sneeuwapocalyps in de VS! Historische sneeuwval treft New York!
Water cannot be stopped! Tons of water and mud have swept Italian Campania into history!
Record breaking Buffalo Snow – Lake Effect – November 2022
Er vindt brute vernietiging plaats in Canada! Orkaan Fiona verwoest New Founland City
Verhalen en natuurrampen over de hele wereld (23 september 2022)
Italië rivier overstroming en overstromingen! Zware regen in Cantiano.

London would disappear under water, along with the Netherlands, most of Denmark and Florida…
August 2022: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

The power of the moon

About the ENERGY of the moon and the influence it exerts on nature, our health, finances, love, family and adventure currently going on worldwide.

It is well known that the moon influences THE BEHAVIOR of man and animal, the tides and other natural phenomena. It will therefore come as no surprise that the power of the moon also influences our daily lives and in areas such as family, profession and finances, love and partnership, fertility, body and mind, adventure, atmosphere and general well-being.

When the moon is very close to the earth there will be big earthquakes

Grote overstroming in Frankrijk! Paris houdt vol met al zijn macht! Alles zinkt!
Water and mud in Zwitserland!
Extreme floodings in Moab Utah!
Floods in Turkey!
Floodings in London
Floodings in Denver!
Flash floods in Death Valley!
Floodings in Las Vegas!
Floods in Saoudi Arabia!
Verhalen en natuurrampen over de hele wereld (29 juli 2022)
Floods in Missouri!
Floods in Sydney!

Perhaps science has already given the answer and this is global warming?

Floods in Italy!
Hailstorms in France!
Floods in China!
De combinatie van zo’n sterk weersysteem is nogal ongebruikelijk.
British Columbia Floods and Landslides
Earthquakes in the Aquarius period 2022