December 8, 2023

Floodings in 2023

Why are there so many natural disasters lately? What do you think?

Earth is going around in circles and this one was already announced in 2019 that this one is coming ahead and have this ingredients: Are the poles currently reversing and it will take another 3 months before we end up in yin and the feminine energy of the earth is also called “The Great Mother” announced in 2012 and we are slowly saying goodbye to the yang energy that has embraced our earth for 2 centuries with a male energy and may women restore the dis balance from egoistic desires for the future and restore the balance that has been sorely disturbed.

The Akashic records encompass the entirety of universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions that have occurred in the past, present, and future for all entities and life forms, extending beyond just human beings. “the key to shifting” The Akashic Records. As someone who reads the Akashic records professionally, this information is 100 percent correct. By shifting your soul decision/energy you basically shift the timeline and the future with it. But that then changes the past of this life and past incarnations too. Your consciousness is the deciding factor in all this. You have the power. All psychics or energy readers are doing is reading probabilities and your current energy – you can ALWAYS change it.

Karma means action with egoistic desires. Opposite is eternal love about yourself and others.
Mind control is old energy

The changing energy is we say goodbye to blaming others, appropriation without any right, law and regulations, imposing perpetrator/victim role on one’s own will and keeping control are/were the ingredients of the previous cycle that is slowly changing.

We are now in the age of believing in ourself for the next 2000 years.
Earth is moving upwards to 5D for the whole world.
How To Receive The New 10TH DIMENSION Light Codes! Learn about the new 10th-dimensional consciousness that is now accessible to many people on Earth and how it’s different from the 3rd and 5th dimensions. The are entering “The Crystal Revolution” is “The Golden Age”.

The new Aquarius energy is: back to origin, authenticity, respect for the individual and mother earth such as: Transformation, Unity, Holism, Love, Acceptance, Charity, Compassion, Freedom, Free will experience and brings the whole world in one half in the old energy and the other half in the new energy..

Evil or Stupid?

Evil or Stupid? Is a lack of awareness to strive for higher consciousness and low self esteem.

What They Just Announced Is CRAZY…

The Dangers of AI Explained.

There is something murky going on called the Lazarus Project and it has something to do with keeping dead people alive on social media with A.I.

Magnetic Pole Shift – A Doomsday Scenario? Computers can’t handle the new high frequenties and go in failures.

Is This The REAL Reason They Want The Farmers Land?!

Digital IDs Are HERE!! Why You Should Be WORRIED!!

DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Deoxy-Deus in Latin = GOD. Ribo or Rabbi = Master. Nucleic means Center. Acid is Alchemical Fire. DNA means GOD, Teacher & Master — the Internal Fire at the Center of my Being. Our DNA is the GOD molecule — the blueprint of the Divine Human Being. It is the teacher & it speaks to its “MESSENGERS” to carry out its work. mRNA is “messenger” RNA & its job is to carry out the duties of the DNA GOD molecule. When our body heals, it is our DNA giving messages to the mRNA to self heal.

Now we can start to understand what all the fuss is about with human mRNA. Who is trying to hack human DNA right now? What are their motives? Are you going to program your DNA or allow others to program it for you? Hint: those that want to program other people’s DNA usually do not have their best interest for them. ✨🧬

The mortal sin of enlisted officials is to cling against all laws and regulations to the power they unlawfully exercise over humanity. Any symptoms of someone speaking their ego? -You’re impatient -Dissatisfied -Unhappy (You don’t always show it) – Serious loss -Quickly irritated -Frequently lying or cheating -You feel shortchanged -Self-interest -First I and so on and on as a result = not smart then you have tot come back and do I all over again if this is the outcome Persons who pass their lifetime satisfying the body and gratifying the ego, unaware of the Divine Image in themselves, amass earthly karma or sins. When they die with those unresolved karmic consequences and with unfulfilled earthly desires, they must reincarnate again and again to resolve all mortal entanglements. The root of pain is egoistic actions, which (being based on delusions) lead to misery. All the divine emotions—love, compassion, courage, self-sacrifice, humility— would be meaningless without joy. Joy means exhilaration, an expression of the ultimate Bliss.

Is helping others instead of this one Honest government worldwide????? led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

The last Flood and now we are in the New Flood periode with another migration of people.

Reincarnation – A Documentary

Spiritual Science History Reincarnation Culture by Rudolf Steiner

Spiritual Science History Reincarnation.

The Great Mother.

2023 PLUTO in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces – THE START OF THE BIGGEST CHANGES IN SOCIETY

A spiritual transformation that allows us to expand our consciousness and experience ourselves as eternal beings. Every end means a new beginning. Our planet is moving from third dimensional awareness (physical-material reality-what you can see, feel, hear, taste and touch), to a fourth and a fifth-dimensional consciousness. Within a short period of time.

The ancient Aztec civilization (Welkom, In lak’ech, knew about this cycle as was included in the long count calendar. They said something along the line’s of “it will be the death of an old age that will birth the Golden Age”. we call it the age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius, according to mundane astrologers, could be accompanied by major changes on a global scale.

The new culture of Aquarius would be associated with creative individuality.
Aquarius traditionally rules electricity, computers, aviation, democracy, freedom, humanity, idealists, modernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebels and rebellion, so changes should be expected in each of these areas. Other keywords and ideas associated with Aquarius are non-conformity, philanthropy, truthfulness, perseverance, humanity and indecisiveness. Astrologers often take the occurrence of many of these developments over the last few centuries as an indication of the closeness of the Age of Aquarius.

New age
The term new age originally, in the fifties and sixties, explicitly referred to the expectation of the arrival of the astrological age of Aquarius, which would be characterized by love, light and connection with the All. In this line of thought, people opposed the current Piscean age and the prevailing principles of dualism (distinction between God and man, man and nature, and spirit and matter) and reductionism (materialistic reductionism and fragmentation of existence). This criticism led, among other things, to alternative methods for mental and physical health and a holistic variant of natural science.

The Age of Aquarius, according to the new age movement, would mean a transformation to an increased frequency or energy level, in which one would reach a higher state of consciousness.

The era is referred to by some as the fifth dimension.

Explains the psycho-spiritual preparations needed to transition into this new age and how the Sun’s alignment with the Galactic Center will enable people to experience the consciousness normally reserved for shamans, pharaohs and sages. The source of all creation, our galaxy is the Great Mother and her center, her heart. By aligning the Earth favorably with the heart of the Great Mother, the Galactic Alignment heralds a rebirth of the divine feminine qualities of the Triple Goddess – intuition, emotional creativity and renewal.

Within the next years, Mother Earth will be going through each of the twelve vortexes of that Light with the intensity required for her purification and preparation for her ascension process into the 5th dimension.

Below is a list of photon belt ascension symptoms.
Feeling stress by blocked 1e and second chakra’s is releasing old memory’s from the past from bad doing into good doing or changing your minde from a false ego……

Those who faithfully serve the Infinite Light.

Join Us this Easter for a Revolutionary Breakthrough Retreat! 5-Days Online Guided by Shunyamurti.

The most ancient epic work of literature is the Ramayana, the story of how the dark side is defeated by spiritual heroes and how the kingdom of God is won. This tale is not about the past, but explains what is happening now—and contains the secret of the strategy that will assure the victory of those who faithfully serve the Infinite Light.

The cycle ends with the following natural disasters such as: 1) geological emergencies: earthquake, volcanic eruption, mudflow, landslide, collapse, avalanche; 2) Hydrological emergencies: flood, tsunami, limnological disaster, flooding; 3) Fires: forest fire, peat fire, glass fire, forest fire; 4) Extreme Meteorological Situations: Tornado, Cyclone, Blizzard, Hail, Drought, Hail, Hurricane, Storm, Thunderstorm, Typhoon, Storm, Lightning.

The OLD MUST COLLAPSE as “5D” NEW EARTH emerges! Weather?

During a magnetic reversal the magnetosphere weekens, during the last 50 years the magnetosphere has reduced in strength by over 20% which means earth is losing it’s protective shield. 

We at pole shift news believe humanity is facing the most important geological event in history, that will without doubt affect not just every human on this planet, but all biological lifeforms and species across the range. 

You right now are less than one of 3% in knowledge of this information and there are 7 billion souls on earth.

Grote overstromingen in Nieuw-Zeeland! Auckland is overstroomd.
As Historic Storms & Flooding Kill 19 in California, Why Is Media Ignoring Role of Climate Change?
Urgent! A decision has been made to evacuate California! Saving people from the flood!
Dozens evacuated after storm brings flooding to Northern California.
Flooding in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Je gelooft niet wat er in Mekka gebeurt! Beelden van de monsterlijke overstroming!
Over One Million Homes Without Electricity After The Cold Snap With More To Come!
Japan gestopt! Een sneeuwstorm brengt de bewoners in chaos.

The changing energy is we say goodbye to blaming others, appropriation without any right, law and regulations, imposing perpetrator/victim role on one’s own will and keeping control are/were the ingredients of the previous cycle that is slowly changing and we end up in the new Aquarius energy is: back to origin, authenticity, respect for the individual and mother earth such as: Transformation, Unity, Holism, Love, Acceptance, Charity, Compassion, Freedom, Free will experience and brings the whole world in one half in the old energy and the other half in the new energy…

The estimated damage is estimated at 200 trillion worldwide to repair the damage incurred when we entering the new Aquarius periode with a lot of water for restore the previous cycle from the disbalance from the ego driven male energie to yin a female energie for the next 2000 years and release from old karma as we moving from desire to intelligence for higher consciousness in evolution.

Soul Journey & Ascension Journey and What does this actually mean?

Europa zinkt! Spanje, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Italië onder water! Miljoenen verliezen! 
Horror in Italië! Vurige tsunami na vulkaanuitbarsting en sterke overstroming! Sicilië
De ergste overstroming in Jeddah, Saoedi-Arabië.
Schotland overstroomde met een mengsel van water en modder! Er is modderschade aangericht!
Sneeuwapocalyps in de VS! Historische sneeuwval treft New York!
Verhalen en natuurrampen over de hele wereld (23 september 2022)
Italië rivier overstroming en overstromingen! Zware regen in Cantiano.

London would disappear under water, along with the Netherlands, most of Denmark and Florida…

The power of the moon

About the ENERGY of the moon and the influence it exerts on nature, our health, finances, love, family and adventure currently going on worldwide.

It is well known that the moon influences THE BEHAVIOR of man and animal, the tides and other natural phenomena. It will therefore come as no surprise that the power of the moon also influences our daily lives and in areas such as family, profession and finances, love and partnership, fertility, body and mind, adventure, atmosphere and general well-being.

When the moon is very close to the earth there will be big earthquakes

Floods in Sydney!
Pacific Northwest Earthquake activity.. Large Sunspot growing quickly. MON 7/31/2023

Perhaps science has already given the answer and this is global warming?

Earthquakes in the Aquarius period 2022