January 30, 2023

Out off the victim role

You are the one you have been waiting for

It is the story that has been told for so long but has not been properly completed.

Get out of the victim role …..

The story of your life journey based on what you know how to create.

Discover and learn what you can learn about your qualities, talents and how you are supported from an energetic point of view to grow and create.

What is the big story: what we as humanity come to do on earth. This is the article about your life paths. Each life path has its own energy with who you are. You who support and support him.

Taking your own place in the whole.

Who are you waiting for?

You are the one who reveals all the keys needed to create paradise on Earth.

Everything is in you. Now that we have arrived, the question is: who is going to do it?

Maybe you’ve been waiting for someone to end all the misery in your life, in your family, at work, in the world: your lover, your therapist, the doctors, the party you vote for, the mayor, the bank manager, the government… No doubt there are others who can really change the circumstances in which you live.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for them, because you can change the system yourself.

Really! You can do it. You are the one who has everything in you to put an end to old systems that are no longer working, that are only producing suffering.

You can make your world a better place, together with me and everyone else. And when you do this, the world around you will change with you. In this way you bring your new balance in the world from within yourself.

You show step by step how you take responsibility for your own happiness and also for mine and all of us.

DNA confirmations

The subheadings of this article are powerful sentences that work directly on your DNA. The cups are connected to your life path and they activate the source in you. Always say them out loud one after the other: every day only those of that day or every day or all thirteen in a row. Do what feels right for you. Every day if possible. It activates your original abilities and connects you with your way of bringing a new balance into the world.

1. I listen to the knowing of my heart

You bring balance to the world by aligning your actions with the wisdom of your heart, along with me and everyone else. Your heart is the compass that makes what you say, think and do for yourself is ultimately right for everyone. Check for yourself where your heart says “no”, and you still do “yes” or vice versa. With this you create a flow of contradiction, ambiguity and impurity in your life and that of me and everyone else.

It’s time to align with yourself. Does your heart say “yes”? do and then also say “yes”. Does your heart say “no”? Do and then say “no”. Only then will you act in accordance with your will and serve the entire community.

2. I oversee the grand plan

You bring balance to the world by putting yourself at the center, along with me and everyone else. In a distant past we were part of a community with a chieftain. The chief was charged with doing whatever it took to live in health and peace as a group. Today, we can no longer simply assume that our “chiefs” are taking care of us. (Read politics and everyone else) The interests are no longer clear and the interests of the leaders often conflict with those of the group members.

You will have to take the lead and contribute in your own way to the interest of the community. We have learned that it is selfish to think of yourself above all else. If you do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself and thereby create your own abundance, you automatically do that for others as well.

Sometimes this also means that it becomes visible how the other person is failing when you take good care of yourself. In doing so, you give the other person a great gift: the opportunity to take responsibility for happiness.

3. I follow my inner guidance

You balance the world by following your own authority, along with me and everyone else. We are so used to receiving guidance that we hardly know how to think for ourselves. You have an enormous cosmic connection, a compass that gives you all the wisdom you need to do the right thing for yourself: to follow your heart’s desires and thereby be of service to the whole world.

That is not a switch that you can just flip, it requires you to put yourself on the same pedestal as those you have always listened to. It’s hard to let go of what felt so safe, but if you take the risk, you’ll be rewarded. Break through your own fears. Do not wait for the fear to pass, but get moving and, despite your fear, do what deep down you know is very sure is good for you.

4. I will go where my feet take me

You bring balance to the world by being guided by heaven and earth, along with me and everyone else. You are the feet of heaven on earth and thus an instrument for making heaven and earth run in sync. For this you only have to tune in to heaven and earth in the here and NOW. How often do you say you can’t understand what is happening next? You can use your head for very useful things, but not to fathom the wonder of your own creation. That is not necessary at all, you can just make good use of it. It is time for you to understand the true meaning of synchronicity: what seems to happen to you is not a stroke of luck but entirely the intention, just as it should be. You are going to make a difference with your plans to do better.

5. I am the mirror for myself and others

You balance the world by not blaming anyone for how you feel, along with me and everyone else. What you feel about what others do arises from the image you have made of that other person and what you have told yourself about it. The moment you make a clear distinction between yourself and the other, all that remains is an image of yourself. In all the stories that you tell yourself about the other, you see a reflection of yourself: who you always wanted to be, of whom you absolutely do not want to be, of whom you never thought you could be.

With every story you tell yourself about someone else, you tell a story about yourself. If you let go of all negative stories and projections about the other, a new image of yourself will also arise. How do you see yourself in the future? Tell that about others that makes you feel powerful, then you stand in your own strength and attract new things to your life, new people, new relationships, new health, new money.

6. I bring energy to renew

You bring balance to the world by changing course, along with me and everyone else. Not just in thoughts, but actually in everyday life. We live in a time of great change.

So one spring cleaning a year is no longer enough. Check yourself and your life regularly and ask yourself if what you do, what you eat, the club you are a member of, the person you hang out with and the clothes you wear still fit who you are today. Everything you carry around with you that no longer suits you costs energy. The longer it is useless with you, the heavier it becomes and it starts to turn against you because you cannot spend that energy on other things. So regularly organize a big cleaning for yourself. Now is the perfect time!

7. I bring light, love and warmth

You balance the world by being kind to anyone who makes you responsible for their own happiness, along with me and everyone else. Not everyone is lucky enough to know that every person is able to create his own happiness in spite of all flaws and shortcomings. However bad the circumstances can sometimes be. People who try to make you responsible for their own happiness need a lot of love, that is clear.

You can give it to them without wanting to save them or give away your energy. Just by BEING love and warmth. Your source of love is within you and overflows all day long. Make sure you are always connected to this. And if necessary, do so at a healthy distance from the other.

8. I am my own mother

You bring balance to the world by feeding yourself what you want to receive in your life. In this day and age there are many layoffs, financial surrender is required or things are not going well.

Are you satisfied with how life takes care of you in the broadest sense of the word? Are you receiving enough love, money, health? If not, take a good look at the correspondence between what you receive from life and what you give yourself. What do you put in your mouth, how nice are you to yourself, how well do you take care of your body? How can you receive what you are not willing to give yourself?

9. I am my own father

You bring balance to the world by supporting yourself in everything you do. It is the father who helps us to enter the world in a safe way. He helps us by watching from a distance as we fall and also helps us get up again. In doing so, he shows that he believes in you and is firmly behind you.

Even if you haven’t had anyone who believed in you or if you had a father who didn’t believe in himself, you still have the ability to (continue to) believe in yourself. Even if you are not there yet, you are on the way and there is no turning back. You can only move forward, falling is allowed, because getting up and continuing is always possible. You just have to do it.

10. I am a unique child of creation

You bring balance to the world by realizing that there is no one like you, along with me and everyone else. We are all one and all unique at the same time. This means that you are a unique expression of the divine. It is your job to express this. No more, certainly no less. How often do you not have the time or opportunity to express your unique self because you are too busy with the things that have to be: work, make money, take care of others, etc.? We live in a world where doing what you like and enjoy produces abundance.

11. I am the full potential

You bring balance to the world by taking full responsibility for your life yourself, along with me and everyone else. Anything where you experience resistance is an excellent opportunity to grow and even a key to liberation. Growing comes in fits and starts and sometimes even crossways against oppression.

If you see the resistance and pressure that you experience as an opportunity to grow, everything will turn around and you may even like, or at least embrace resistance in your life, because you know that there is something beautiful in it for you . Look the resistance you encounter in the eye: choose growth. You have it all in you.

12. I am the instinctual force to renew

You bring balance to the world by not believing everything your body tells you, along with me and everyone else. An enormous amount of old information is stored in your system. So your body actually reacts from an old consciousness. These can be primal instincts, such as walking around a street when there is danger. But it can also be reactions from old trauma.

In this day and age it is extremely important that we listen very carefully to our body. After all, the body is the part of us that renews itself the slowest. Give it time. You may get sick after taking big steps for change. This does not mean that you did too much, or did it wrong, or that you should stop. It means that your body is getting rid of old information so that you can find a new balance. Be nice to your body and take it easy.

13. I am the beginning and the end

You bring balance to the world by making room for the new, together with me and everyone else. What you hold on comes away, what you let go to you. So stop thinking that you can control how things turn out.

Make sure that you yourself are completely present in the middle of the world, so that what is meant for you can come to you. You are present when you accept and let go of your past, so that there is really room for something new in your life. Who do you have anything left to forgive? Start with yourself. And then see whether it is really still necessary to forgive the other person or whether the other person will have to do that for himself.

On to what you want in life and determine your goal with what, where, when, who you want to be and what your heart goes out to. You can say it and know that every beginning is difficult. Take small steps and stay true to yourself and learn to grow from your desires you have and embrace them. You are the best and let yourself grow.

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Jesus asks for forgiveness

Jesus: “I ask you to forgive me for allowing myself to be crucified. This has put humanity in the position of perpetrator and I in the role of victim. For the great Cosmic miracle (developing your true SELF) to take place, however, it was necessary that you, in this case explicitly the souls incarnated at the time in the Jewish and Roman people, (over 2000 years ago) of perpetrators on your names. 

I thank you for that. The sense of perpetrator has nevertheless been passed on from generation to generation by man. However, the truth is that you are not perpetrators and I am not a victim. We have created the crucifixion ritual together as part of the Divine game. We, you and I, wanted to show each other what compassion is and that good and evil are one and part of the Divine game of discovering that everything is Divine. 

That which we create from within ourselves is the most important.
Be present in the NOW